3M Company (MMM) Stock Forecast for 2024–2028. Sell or Buy Prediction

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3M Company (MMM) Stock Forecast for 2024–2028. Sell or Buy?

Updated: July 19, 2024 (18:28)

Sector: Industrials

The share price of 3M Company (MMM) now

Latest session on the 18th of July for
3M Company is negative
Trading Volume: 3023902
Open: 104.22 /  High: 105.52 /  Low: 103.44
What analysts predict: $110
52-week High/Low: $105.52 / $68.63

50/200 Day Moving Average: $101.16 / $97.91

This figure corresponds to the Average Price over the previous 50/200 days. For 3M Company stocks, the 50-day moving average is the support level today.

For 3M Company stocks, the 200-day moving average is the support level today.

Are you interested in 3M Company stocks and want to buy them, or are they already in your portfolio? If yes, then on this page you will find useful information about the dynamics of the 3M Company stock price in 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028. How much will one 3M Company share be worth in 2024 - 2028?

When should I take profit in 3M Company stock? When should I record a loss on 3M Company stock? What are analysts' forecasts for 3M Company stock? What is the future of 3M Company stock? We forecast 3M Company stock performance using neural networks based on historical data on 3M Company stocks. Also, when forecasting, technical analysis tools are used, world geopolitical and news factors are taken into account.

3M Company stock prediction results are shown below and presented in the form of graphs, tables and text information, divided into time intervals. (Next month, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027 and 2028) The final quotes of the instrument at the close of the previous trading day are a signal to adjust the forecasts for 3M Company shares. This happens once a day.

Historical and forecast chart of 3M Company stock

The chart below shows the historical price of 3M Company stock and a prediction chart for the next month. For convenience, prices are divided by color. Forecast prices include: Optimistic Forecast, Pessimistic Forecast, and Weighted Average Best Forecast. Detailed values for the 3M Company stock price can be found in the table below.

Long-term forecasts by years.

Trend: Bullish
Jul 18, 2024
### Key Factors Driving MMM Stock: Leadership Change and Litigation Risks

The forecast for 3M Company's (MMM) stock rates hinges on several pivotal events and factors poised to influence its trajectory. Investors and analysts alike should keep a keen eye on these elements to make informed predictions about MMM stock.

Leadership Transition and Legal Challenges

The most significant driver in the near term is the recent appointment of Bill Brown as 3M's CEO. Brown's proven success at L3Harris Technologies suggests potential operational and strategic improvements at 3M. A successful leadership transition could reignite investor confidence and enhance MMM's stock performance.

Simultaneously, unresolved litigation, particularly concerning PFAS contamination, poses a considerable risk. Legal uncertainties and potential financial liabilities from these lawsuits could weigh heavily on 3M’s stock prices and investor sentiment.

  • **Short-Cycle Manufacturing Consumables**: These products are sensitive to economic fluctuations, impacting stock performance based on economic conditions.
  • **Automotive Electrification and Electronics Segments**: Strong performance in these high-growth areas could help balance weaker segments and drive positive financial results.
  • **Innovation and Strategic Investments**: Prioritizing innovation and strategic investments could significantly boost 3M's competitive edge and long-term growth.
  • **2H '24 Guidance and Market Expectations**: Accurate guidance and investor expectations for the second half of 2024 will shape short-term stock momentum.
  • **Revenue Growth vs. Peers**: 3M’s slower revenue growth compared to peers may impact stock valuations and require strategic realignments.
  • **Sector Performance and Economic Conditions**: Broader economic trends and sector health will continuously influence MMM's stock performance.

An analyst can use these factors to accurately forecast changes in MMM stock prices by closely monitoring the implementation of strategic changes under Brown’s leadership, tracking the progress of legal resolutions, and evaluating the company’s performance in both strong and weak segments. Additionally, attention to macroeconomic conditions and sector performance will provide a holistic view for more accurate predictions.

For those researching "MMM stock forecast," "3M stock forecast," or wondering "is MMM a good stock to buy," these insights provide a nuanced comprehension of the key drivers impacting 3M's stock, equipping investors with the knowledge to make better-informed decisions about their investments.

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3M Stock Forecast: Navigating Through Changes Ahead

Trend: Strong Bullish
Jul 02, 2024

As investors keenly watch the MMM stock forecast, recent strategic shifts signal pivotal moments for 3M's financial outlook. Among these, the Solventum spin-off and strategic adjustments are set to play a crucial role. This move is intended to streamline operations, shedding non-core segments to focus on areas with higher growth potentials. Analysts see this as a positive stride toward operational efficiency and market agility, potentially boosting the MMM stock price target.

Understanding the Impact of 3M’s Strategic Decisions

A deep dive into 3M’s foundation reveals a history of resilience and a strong market position, marking it as a beacon of stability amidst industry oscillations. However, the recent dividend cut introduces a layer of caution, candidly reflecting on the cyclical sensitivity within which 3M operates. This action, taken amidst broader economic uncertainties, has led to a mixed reception among investors, influencing the MMM stock forecast for 2025.

To navigate these turbulent waters, analysts are balancing these factors to project the future of MMM stocks. The emphasis lies on how well 3M can pivot through its strategic adjustments, maintain its renowned resilience, and manage the inherent execution risk. For those questioning, "Is MMM a good stock to buy?", the answer lies in closely monitoring these developments. Analysts meticulously intertwining these elements can offer a comprehensive outlook, guiding investors through the complexities of the MMM stock forecast.

In a landscape marked by uncertainties, the ability to adapt and respond to economic shifts will define the trajectory of MMM stocks. For savvy investors and analysts, the evolving narrative of 3M offers a unique blend of challenges and opportunities.

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Unlocking Growth: How the Solventum Spinoff and Legal Settlements Propel MMM Stock Forecast

Trend: Bullish
Jun 17, 2024

Investors eyeing the 3M Company (MMM) stock forecast for 2025 have ample reason to be optimistic, considering key developments poised to reshape its financial landscape. At the forefront of factors promising to revitalize MMM's stock rates are the Solventum spinoff and the settlement of legacy lawsuits. These crucial events are not just pivotal in altering the company's trajectory but also serve as essential tools for analysts aiming to predict the most accurate changes in MMM's stock price.

The Catalysts Behind MMM's Promising Outlook

The imminent completion of the Solventum spinoff is anticipated to infuse clarity into MMM's growth narrative, potentially unlocking hidden stock value. Analysts predict this strategic move will enable MMM to bolster its financial health and chase after growth more aggressively in other operational spheres. Coupled with this, MMM's recent amicable settlement of class-action lawsuits is set to mend investor confidence and polish public perception—key factors that historically sway stock prices.

Additionally, MMM's current attractive valuation, underscored by a low forward P/E ratio, indicates an undervalued stock with significant upside potential. This trifecta of developments creates a robust framework for analyzing and forecasting MMM's stock performance:

  • Solventum spinoff: Streamlining operations and spotlighting growth opportunities.
  • Settlement of legacy lawsuits: Removing legal uncertainties and enhancing investor appeal.
  • Valuation multiples: Signaling an underpriced stock poised for a rebound.

Taking these factors into account, those keeping an eye on the MMM stock price target now have concrete events and metrics to guide their predictions, making the task of forecasting not just science but an art honed through understanding MMM's strategic decisions and their market implications.

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3M Co. is a major player across a diverse range of industries, dabbling in everything from electronics and telecommunications to industrial equipment. They also make their mark in the consumer and office product spaces, not to mention the healthcare and security sectors. This corporate giant isn’t just about producing goods; it’s a hub of technological innovation. Each of its enterprises is equipped with its own set of brands, marketing networks, and a wealth of resources that keep the 3M engine running smoothly.

For a closer look at this multifaceted company, check out their official website.

3M Company daily forecast for a month

Date Target Pes. Opt. Vol., %
Jul 21 103.87 102.48 104.33 1.80
Jul 22 102.92 101.52 103.91 2.35
Jul 23 102.79 101.42 104.38 2.92
Jul 24 103.51 101.94 104.09 2.11
Jul 25 104.88 103.22 106.54 3.21
Jul 26 105.36 104.92 106.86 1.85
Jul 27 105.49 104.50 106.54 1.96
Jul 28 106.10 105.32 106.91 1.51
Jul 29 104.98 103.38 106.59 3.11
Jul 30 103.78 102.39 105.15 2.70
Jul 31 104.65 103.08 105.78 2.62
Aug 01 104.73 103.14 105.20 1.99
Aug 02 105.45 103.76 106.44 2.58
Aug 03 104.84 103.58 105.38 1.74
Aug 04 106.79 105.44 107.87 2.31
Aug 05 107.64 106.07 109.13 2.88
Aug 06 106.71 106.16 108.27 1.99
Aug 07 106.54 105.48 108.25 2.63
Aug 08 105.35 104.47 106.95 2.38
Aug 09 104.30 103.46 104.88 1.37
Aug 10 104.00 103.19 105.11 1.85
Aug 11 103.17 101.83 103.63 1.76
Aug 12 103.23 102.43 104.62 2.14
Aug 13 103.61 102.98 104.12 1.11
Aug 14 102.86 102.16 104.24 2.03
Aug 15 102.45 101.44 103.00 1.53
Aug 16 101.30 100.49 102.09 1.59
Aug 17 101.14 100.55 102.33 1.77
Aug 18 100.65 99.08 101.86 2.80
Aug 19 99.04 98.47 100.49 2.05

3M Company Daily Price Targets

3M Company Stock Forecast 07-21-2024.

Forecast target price for 07-21-2024: $103.87.
Negative dynamics for 3M Company shares will prevail with possible volatility of 1.772%.
Pessimistic target level: 102.48
Optimistic target level: 104.33

3M Company Stock Forecast 07-22-2024.

Forecast target price for 07-22-2024: $102.92.
Negative dynamics for 3M Company shares will prevail with possible volatility of 2.297%.
Pessimistic target level: 101.52
Optimistic target level: 103.91

3M Company Stock Forecast 07-23-2024.

Forecast target price for 07-23-2024: $102.79.
Negative dynamics for 3M Company shares will prevail with possible volatility of 2.837%.
Pessimistic target level: 101.42
Optimistic target level: 104.38

3M Company Stock Forecast 07-24-2024.

Forecast target price for 07-24-2024: $103.51.
Positive dynamics for 3M Company shares will prevail with possible volatility of 2.068%.
Pessimistic target level: 101.94
Optimistic target level: 104.09

3M Company Stock Forecast 07-25-2024.

Forecast target price for 07-25-2024: $104.88.
Positive dynamics for 3M Company shares will prevail with possible volatility of 3.111%.
Pessimistic target level: 103.22
Optimistic target level: 106.54

3M Company Stock Forecast 07-26-2024.

Forecast target price for 07-26-2024: $105.36.
Positive dynamics for 3M Company shares will prevail with possible volatility of 1.814%.
Pessimistic target level: 104.92
Optimistic target level: 106.86

MMM (MMM) Monthly Stock Prediction for 2024

Month Target Pes. Opt. Vol., %
Aug. 104.21 99.71 107.02 6.84
Sep. 110.34 106.69 113.84 6.28
Oct. 111.53 108.72 113.67 4.36
Nov. 110.12 107.81 111.91 3.66
Dec. 104.24 102.99 106.31 3.12

3M Company forecast for this year

3M Company Stock Prediction for Aug 2024

An uptrend is forecast for this month with an optimal target price of $104.207. Pessimistic: $99.71. Optimistic: $107.02

3M Company Stock Prediction for Sep 2024

An uptrend is forecast for this month with an optimal target price of $110.335. Pessimistic: $106.69. Optimistic: $113.84

3M Company Stock Prediction for Oct 2024

An uptrend is forecast for this month with an optimal target price of $111.526. Pessimistic: $108.72. Optimistic: $113.67

3M Company Stock Prediction for Nov 2024

An downtrend is forecast for this month with an optimal target price of $110.121. Pessimistic: $107.81. Optimistic: $111.91

3M Company Stock Prediction for Dec 2024

An downtrend is forecast for this month with an optimal target price of $104.241. Pessimistic: $102.99. Optimistic: $106.31

3M Company (MMM) Monthly Stock Prediction for 2025

Month Target Pes. Opt. Vol., %
Jan 104.49 100.60 109.32 7.97
Feb 103.49 101.31 105.72 4.17
Mar 101.69 99.00 103.58 4.42
Apr 99.67 95.43 102.48 6.89
May 103.14 101.84 107.97 5.67
Jun 98.93 96.50 102.08 5.47
Jul 96.80 94.76 100.57 5.77
Aug 97.90 96.08 100.31 4.22
Sep 99.84 97.50 101.94 4.35
Oct 100.26 95.87 102.42 6.40
Nov 102.97 99.13 105.87 6.36
Dec 108.09 106.67 112.44 5.13

3M Company (MMM) Monthly Stock Prediction for 2026

Month Target Pes. Opt. Vol., %
Jan 107.06 103.52 111.55 7.20
Feb 110.97 108.64 114.17 4.84
Mar 105.18 100.13 108.34 7.57
Apr 104.55 102.98 109.00 5.52
May 105.37 101.51 110.17 7.86
Jun 104.92 101.90 108.51 6.09
Jul 104.80 100.40 106.75 5.95
Aug 102.91 98.59 105.07 6.17
Sep 107.73 103.85 111.93 7.22
Oct 106.89 101.95 109.77 7.13
Nov 105.60 103.96 109.41 4.98
Dec 99.96 97.03 101.40 4.32

3M Company (MMM) Monthly Stock Prediction for 2027

Month Target Pes. Opt. Vol., %
Jan 96.25 91.97 97.52 5.69
Feb 96.59 94.22 98.16 4.02
Mar 99.03 94.27 101.52 7.14
Apr 103.54 99.69 108.39 8.02
May 105.34 103.01 109.26 5.73
Jun 106.92 103.33 111.93 7.68
Jul 111.48 106.86 115.22 7.26
Aug 115.89 110.47 117.70 6.14
Sep 119.65 115.27 121.80 5.36
Oct 120.73 118.62 125.36 5.37
Nov 116.23 111.98 120.00 6.68
Dec 109.96 108.37 113.92 4.86

3M Company (MMM) Monthly Stock Prediction for 2028

Month Target Pes. Opt. Vol., %
Jan 110.95 106.09 112.35 5.57
Feb 112.88 109.02 115.11 5.29
Mar 116.20 111.80 119.12 6.14
Apr 113.76 108.71 115.67 6.02
May 120.38 116.91 125.22 6.63
Jun 124.35 119.87 127.63 6.08
Jul 127.26 123.52 129.86 4.88
Aug 131.76 126.15 133.35 5.40
Sep 129.79 126.44 132.67 4.70
Oct 127.53 123.17 133.50 7.74
Nov 125.39 121.32 130.28 6.87
Dec 122.30 116.80 127.51 8.40

3M Company information and performance

3M Company Address


Market Capitalization: 57 903 698 000 $

Market capitalization of the 3M Company is the total market value of all issued shares of a company. It is calculated by the formula multiplying the number of MMM shares in the company outstanding by the market price of one share.

EBITDA: 8 146 000 000 $

EBITDA of 3M Company is earnings before interest, income tax and depreciation of assets.

PE Ratio: None

P/E ratio (price to earnings) - shows the ratio between the price of a share and the company's profit

PEG Ratio: 1.905

Price/earnings to growth

DPS: 6.01

Dividend Per Share is a financial indicator equal to the ratio of the company's net profit available for distribution to the annual average of ordinary shares.

DY: 0.0268

Dividend yield is a ratio that shows how much a company pays in dividends each year at the stock price.

EPS: -12.73

EPS shows how much of the net profit is accounted for by the common share.

Quarterly Earnings Growth YOY: -0.051
Quarterly Revenue Growth YOY: -0.003
Trailing PE: -

Trailing P/E depends on what has already been done. It uses the current share price and divides it by the total earnings per share for the last 12 months.

Forward PE: 10.6

Forward P/E uses projections of future earnings instead of final numbers.

EV To Revenue: 1.879

Enterprise Value (EV) /Revenue

EV To EBITDA: -9.08

The EV / EBITDA ratio shows the ratio of the cost (EV) to its profit before tax, interest and amortization (EBITDA).

Shares Outstanding: 553361000

Number of issued ordinary shares

Shares Float: N/A

Number of freely tradable shares

Shares Short Prior Month: N/A

Shares Short Prior Month - the number of shares in short positions in the last month.

Short Ratio: N/A
Percent Insiders: N/A
Percent Institutions: N/A

3M Company (MMM) stock dividend

3M Company last paid dividends on 05/23/2024. The next scheduled payment will be on 06/12/2024. The amount of dividends is $6.01 per share. If the date of the next dividend payment has not been updated, it means that the issuer has not yet announced the exact payment. As soon as information becomes available, we will immediately update the data. Bookmark our portal to stay updated.

Last Split Factor:

Last Split Date: 01/01/1970

Splitting of shares is an increase in the number of securities of the issuing company circulating on the market due to a decrease in their value at constant capitalization.

For example, a 5: 1 ratio means that the value of one share will decrease 5 times, the total amount will increase 5 times. It is important to understand that this procedure does not change the capitalization of the company, as well as the total value of assets held in private hands.

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