McDonald's (MCD) Stock Forecast for 2024–2028. Sell or Buy Prediction

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McDonald’s (MCD) Stock Forecast for 2024–2028. Sell or Buy?

Updated: July 19, 2024 (08:46)

Sector: Counsumer cyclical

The share price of McDonald's Corp. (MCD) now

Latest session on the 18th of July for
McDonald's Corp. is negative
Trading Volume: 3421839
Open: 258.03 /  High: 262.33 /  Low: 257.6
What analysts predict: $308.33
52-week High/Low: $298.74 / $241.32

50/200 Day Moving Average: $257.8 / $275.49

This figure corresponds to the Average Price over the previous 50/200 days. For McDonald's stocks, the 50-day moving average is the support level today.

For McDonald's stocks, the 200-day moving average is the resistance level today.

Are you interested in McDonald's Corp. stocks and want to buy them, or are they already in your portfolio? If yes, then on this page you will find useful information about the dynamics of the McDonald's stock price in 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028. How much will one McDonald's share be worth in 2024 - 2028?

When should I take profit in McDonald's stock? When should I record a loss on McDonald's stock? What are analysts' forecasts for McDonald's stock? What is the future of McDonald's stock? We forecast McDonald's stock performance using neural networks based on historical data on McDonald's stocks. Also, when forecasting, technical analysis tools are used, world geopolitical and news factors are taken into account.

McDonald's stock prediction results are shown below and presented in the form of graphs, tables and text information, divided into time intervals. (Next month, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027 and 2028) The final quotes of the instrument at the close of the previous trading day are a signal to adjust the forecasts for McDonald's shares. This happens once a day.

Historical and forecast chart of McDonald's stock

The chart below shows the historical price of McDonald's stock and a prediction chart for the next month. For convenience, prices are divided by color. Forecast prices include: Optimistic Forecast, Pessimistic Forecast, and Weighted Average Best Forecast. Detailed values for the McDonald's stock price can be found in the table below.

Long-term forecasts by years.

Unlocking the Future of MCD Stock: Predictive Insights

Trend: Strong Bullish
Jul 10, 2024

Investors keeping a close eye on McDonald's (MCD) stock are navigating through a blend of anticipation and prudence, pondering the company's future trajectory. In the complex dance of stock market predictions, several key factors stand out for MCD, signaling potential shifts in its share price.

Crucial Factors Shaping MCD's Stock Outlook

Firstly, the recent technical analysis unveils a bullish pattern, suggesting a ripe buying opportunity. Investors, both short-term and long-term, might find this the right moment to engage, expecting a rebound. Moreover, an earnings miss in Q1 has momentarily jolted the MCD stock forecast, yet the overall solidity of the quarter hints at a temporary dip rather than a long-term downturn.

However, broader economic factors such as consumer spending concerns, slowdown in job growth, and rising delinquencies pose threats. But, McDonald's resilience, backed by its value offerings and low-cost items, positions it as somewhat recession-proof, potentially offsetting these negatives.

What truly piques interest among analysts and investors alike is McDonald's journey towards becoming a 'Dividend King.' With its consistent history of dividend increases, nearing the 50-year mark could further enhance its attractiveness, potentially elevating the MCD stock price prediction. Furthermore, significant growth drivers and upside catalysts, including menu innovations, possible dips in the U.S. Dollar, and exploration of new concepts like CosMc's, not to mention the prospective benefits from advances in AI and humanoid robotics, can fuel earnings growth.

Capitalizing on these insights, analysts can craft more accurate MCD stock forecasts. Knowing the interplay between immediate market reactions and long-term growth prospects, including McDonald's embrace of technology and its status as a dividend giant, grants a clearer vision. Whether the question is 'MCD stock buy or sell,' a nuanced understanding of these dynamics offers a promising compass for navigating McDonald’s stock forecast.

As the landscapes of technology, economy, and consumer behavior shift, so does the fate of MCD shares. Analysts armed with these perspectives can provide a more informed McDonald's name stock forecast, guiding investors through the ever-evolving market with confidence.

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Decoding McDonald's Stock: A Guide to MCD's Future Financial Feast

Trend: Bullish
Jul 09, 2024

As investors continually hunt for the next big buy or sell signal, McDonald's (MCD) stands out as a stock ripe for prediction. At the heart of MCD's future stock rates lie critical events and factors poised to dictate its performance. First and foremost, consumer spending and sentiment take the top spot. In an economy juggling inflationary pressures, how consumers open or tighten their wallets can significantly sway MCD's sales, making the MCD stock forecast a fascinating subject for analysts.

Navigating Through Key Influences on MCD's Market Value

Furthermore, McDonald's expansive development pipeline, especially in emerging markets like China and India, teases a flavorful opportunity for growth. Here, the demand for fast food burgeons, presenting a potential uptick in the MCD stock price prediction. Meanwhile, MCD must grapple with the ever-turbulent waves of commodity price fluctuations and labor cost inflation, each capable of seasoning its operating costs and profitability in unpredictable ways.

Lastly, the competitive landscape cannot be ignored. Possessing a sturdy shield of digital and marketing capabilities, MCD is poised not just to retain, but possibly expand its market share. Analyzing these elements with precision—the shifting consumer trends, the march towards global market domination, and the balancing act of costs versus profits—provides the framework for making the most accurate MCD stock price target speculations.

In essence, whether to buy or sell McDonald's stock hinges on a composite view of these factors. Analysts equipped with a holistic understanding of McDonald's position can weave these threads into a coherent M33CD stock price prediction narrative, offering investors a compass in the ever-complex landscape of the fast-food giant's financial futures.

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Unraveling the Future: A Glimpse into MCD's Stock Journey

Trend: Strong Bullish
Jul 02, 2024

Forecasting the rates of McDonald's (MCD) stocks pivots around understanding the interplay of various significant events and factors that are set to sway its trajectory. Analysts peering into the crystal ball of MCD's financial future spotlight the company's recent victories and forthcoming challenges. The buoyant Q1 earnings report paints a picture of a brand that's adept at navigating the choppy waters of economic fluctuation, striking a chord with consumer demands while maintaining operational excellence. This combination of revenue growth and operational efficiency improvements positions MCD as an intriguing prospect for stockholders.

Key Predictors of MCD Stock Performance

The renaissance of McDonald's popularity among Gen-Z consumers emerges as a pivotal episode in its journey, hinting at sustained future growth stemming from this demographic's burgeoning buying power. However, the plot thickens with the slowing of comparable sales growth, a narrative twist attributed to the broader economic canvas of consumer spending. These chapters, woven together, offer analysts a rich tapestry to predict MCD stock trends with greater accuracy.

To distill the essence of MCD's stock forecast, considering the following factors becomes imperative:

  • The robustness of McDonald's Q1 Earnings Report.
  • McDonald's magnetic appeal to the Gen-Z demographic.
  • Substantial strides in operational efficiency improvements under the "Accelerating the Arches" initiative.
  • The ebb and flow of comparable sales growth, in light of economic variances influencing consumer spending habits.

In the intricate ballet of forecasting, these elements serve as critical levers in predicting the ebbs and flows of MCD's stock price. Adjusting analyses to account for these dynamics enables an astute analyst to carve out a more accurate MCD stock price prediction, offering a guide through the mists of uncertainty that shroud the financial markets. With these insights, determining whether MCD is a good stock to buy, hold or sell becomes not just an art, but a science, grounded in the tangible realities of McDonald's market performance and strategic positioning.

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McDonald’s Corporation is an American corporation, one of the largest fast food chains on the planet, which operates under a franchise system. McDonald’s serves more than 60 million customers a day, in more than a hundred countries around the world, the corporation has approximately 36,615 points. First of all, the fast food chain prepares hamburgers, cheeseburgers, fries, McChicken, Chicken McNuggets, milkshakes and more. Restaurants are operated either by franchises or by affiliates of McDonald’s itself. McDonald’s profits come from rents and fees paid by franchisees, as well as sales in their own restaurants.

The business began back in 1940, when brothers Richard and Maurice MacDonald opened the most ordinary restaurant. In 1948, the standards of the current “fast food” cafe began to be introduced into it, and the principles of food preparation became conveyor belts to speed up the process. In March 1953, McDnalds’ initial mascot was a man with a chef’s hat on his head, his name was “Speedee”, but in the end, by 1967, he was replaced by Ronald McDonald, the clown.

Official site of the company

McDonald's daily forecast for a month

Date Target Pes. Opt. Vol., %
Jul 21 259.58 256.15 261.29 2.01
Jul 22 261.39 259.72 262.96 1.25
Jul 23 260.82 258.52 264.89 2.46
Jul 24 259.41 257.23 262.06 1.88
Jul 25 262.16 258.65 263.31 1.80
Jul 26 260.64 258.61 263.09 1.73
Jul 27 258.03 254.89 259.63 1.86
Jul 28 256.74 252.69 258.54 2.32
Jul 29 258.85 254.86 260.30 2.13
Jul 30 255.12 253.08 258.39 2.10
Jul 31 250.12 246.57 252.27 2.31
Aug 01 252.17 250.81 255.00 1.67
Aug 02 252.27 250.61 254.44 1.53
Aug 03 256.31 255.13 259.85 1.85
Aug 04 257.08 254.82 258.47 1.43
Aug 05 257.75 254.40 260.07 2.23
Aug 06 258.93 257.85 261.57 1.45
Aug 07 261.88 258.11 263.46 2.07
Aug 08 256.96 253.72 260.20 2.55
Aug 09 259.33 257.72 262.80 1.97
Aug 10 259.01 255.03 261.45 2.52
Aug 11 258.65 255.75 260.62 1.90
Aug 12 263.41 262.36 265.41 1.16
Aug 13 261.83 258.22 263.66 2.11
Aug 14 261.57 259.06 263.09 1.55
Aug 15 265.86 262.83 269.85 2.67
Aug 16 266.23 263.25 269.48 2.37
Aug 17 262.34 258.41 266.44 3.11
Aug 18 257.31 253.76 261.06 2.88
Aug 19 259.47 257.13 260.66 1.37

McDonald's Daily Price Targets

McDonald's Stock Forecast 07-21-2024.

Forecast target price for 07-21-2024: $259.58.
Positive dynamics for McDonald's shares will prevail with possible volatility of 1.967%.
Pessimistic target level: 256.15
Optimistic target level: 261.29

McDonald's Stock Forecast 07-22-2024.

Forecast target price for 07-22-2024: $261.39.
Positive dynamics for McDonald's shares will prevail with possible volatility of 1.233%.
Pessimistic target level: 259.72
Optimistic target level: 262.96

McDonald's Stock Forecast 07-23-2024.

Forecast target price for 07-23-2024: $260.82.
Negative dynamics for McDonald's shares will prevail with possible volatility of 2.403%.
Pessimistic target level: 258.52
Optimistic target level: 264.89

McDonald's Stock Forecast 07-24-2024.

Forecast target price for 07-24-2024: $259.41.
Negative dynamics for McDonald's shares will prevail with possible volatility of 1.841%.
Pessimistic target level: 257.23
Optimistic target level: 262.06

McDonald's Stock Forecast 07-25-2024.

Forecast target price for 07-25-2024: $262.16.
Positive dynamics for McDonald's shares will prevail with possible volatility of 1.772%.
Pessimistic target level: 258.65
Optimistic target level: 263.31

McDonald's Stock Forecast 07-26-2024.

Forecast target price for 07-26-2024: $260.64.
Negative dynamics for McDonald's shares will prevail with possible volatility of 1.704%.
Pessimistic target level: 258.61
Optimistic target level: 263.09

MCD (MCD) Monthly Stock Prediction for 2024

Month Target Pes. Opt. Vol., %
Aug. 275.89 267.78 289.22 7.41
Sep. 295.01 284.69 299.35 4.90
Oct. 295.42 280.74 310.73 9.65
Nov. 276.81 265.19 290.18 8.61
Dec. 271.58 258.65 284.51 9.09

McDonald's forecast for this year

McDonald's Stock Prediction for Aug 2024

An uptrend is forecast for this month with an optimal target price of $275.891. Pessimistic: $267.78. Optimistic: $289.22

McDonald's Stock Prediction for Sep 2024

An uptrend is forecast for this month with an optimal target price of $295.01. Pessimistic: $284.69. Optimistic: $299.35

McDonald's Stock Prediction for Oct 2024

An uptrend is forecast for this month with an optimal target price of $295.423. Pessimistic: $280.74. Optimistic: $310.73

McDonald's Stock Prediction for Nov 2024

An downtrend is forecast for this month with an optimal target price of $276.812. Pessimistic: $265.19. Optimistic: $290.18

McDonald's Stock Prediction for Dec 2024

An downtrend is forecast for this month with an optimal target price of $271.58. Pessimistic: $258.65. Optimistic: $284.51

McDonald's (MCD) Monthly Stock Prediction for 2025

Month Target Pes. Opt. Vol., %
Jan 288.69 283.84 302.23 6.08
Feb 293.94 283.24 299.91 5.56
Mar 302.38 286.93 306.83 6.48
Apr 298.57 285.61 305.68 6.56
May 286.66 271.61 291.27 6.75
Jun 285.45 279.26 300.44 7.05
Jul 291.65 275.72 299.81 8.04
Aug 281.85 277.71 295.07 5.88
Sep 277.51 265.46 287.41 7.64
Oct 292.66 286.51 305.77 6.30
Nov 293.07 281.38 301.07 6.54
Dec 301.89 297.24 316.05 5.95

McDonald's (MCD) Monthly Stock Prediction for 2026

Month Target Pes. Opt. Vol., %
Jan 319.01 310.75 336.65 7.69
Feb 316.78 308.35 330.08 6.58
Mar 320.77 309.32 325.48 4.97
Apr 314.03 307.88 330.52 6.85
May 323.48 306.73 334.58 8.32
Jun 316.69 301.62 329.10 8.35
Jul 312.70 296.94 322.99 8.06
Aug 329.33 314.58 344.09 8.58
Sep 351.00 341.42 366.24 6.78
Oct 367.96 358.43 388.05 7.63
Nov 349.41 331.80 362.13 8.38
Dec 357.73 351.72 363.49 3.24

McDonald's (MCD) Monthly Stock Prediction for 2027

Month Target Pes. Opt. Vol., %
Jan 358.23 347.95 366.25 5.00
Feb 348.70 330.15 355.05 7.01
Mar 352.12 341.03 366.17 6.87
Apr 344.97 337.24 350.28 3.72
May 364.05 349.01 380.61 8.30
Jun 353.09 341.47 368.91 7.44
Jul 367.67 357.12 373.85 4.47
Aug 361.24 342.53 371.86 7.89
Sep 360.73 346.84 379.17 8.52
Oct 379.92 370.08 394.28 6.14
Nov 373.27 355.77 386.60 7.98
Dec 356.55 338.33 373.77 9.48

McDonald's (MCD) Monthly Stock Prediction for 2028

Month Target Pes. Opt. Vol., %
Jan 367.03 358.30 382.45 6.31
Feb 355.22 349.75 366.41 4.55
Mar 343.53 336.07 360.60 6.80
Apr 359.88 350.56 367.19 4.53
May 374.49 357.19 394.42 9.44
Jun 363.48 347.45 379.77 8.51
Jul 387.40 365.71 393.64 7.10
Aug 400.69 385.82 408.82 5.63
Sep 415.55 392.57 430.68 8.85
Oct 419.04 410.54 427.55 3.98
Nov 411.42 402.20 430.14 6.49
Dec 422.94 407.25 443.36 8.15

McDonald's information and performance

McDonald's Address


Market Capitalization: 188 098 003 000 $

Market capitalization of the McDonald's Corp. is the total market value of all issued shares of a company. It is calculated by the formula multiplying the number of MCD shares in the company outstanding by the market price of one share.

EBITDA: 13 809 500 000 $

EBITDA of McDonald's is earnings before interest, income tax and depreciation of assets.

PE Ratio: 22.18

P/E ratio (price to earnings) - shows the ratio between the price of a share and the company's profit

PEG Ratio: 1.929

Price/earnings to growth

DPS: 6.38

Dividend Per Share is a financial indicator equal to the ratio of the company's net profit available for distribution to the annual average of ordinary shares.

DY: 0.0256

Dividend yield is a ratio that shows how much a company pays in dividends each year at the stock price.

EPS: 11.77

EPS shows how much of the net profit is accounted for by the common share.

Quarterly Earnings Growth YOY: 0.086
Quarterly Revenue Growth YOY: 0.046
Trailing PE: 22.18

Trailing P/E depends on what has already been done. It uses the current share price and divides it by the total earnings per share for the last 12 months.

Forward PE: 21.41

Forward P/E uses projections of future earnings instead of final numbers.

EV To Revenue: 9.47

Enterprise Value (EV) /Revenue

EV To EBITDA: 17.41

The EV / EBITDA ratio shows the ratio of the cost (EV) to its profit before tax, interest and amortization (EBITDA).

Shares Outstanding: 720682000

Number of issued ordinary shares

Shares Float: N/A

Number of freely tradable shares

Shares Short Prior Month: N/A

Shares Short Prior Month - the number of shares in short positions in the last month.

Short Ratio: N/A
Percent Insiders: N/A
Percent Institutions: N/A

McDonald's (MCD) stock dividend

McDonald's last paid dividends on 06/03/2024. The next scheduled payment will be on 06/17/2024. The amount of dividends is $6.38 per share. If the date of the next dividend payment has not been updated, it means that the issuer has not yet announced the exact payment. As soon as information becomes available, we will immediately update the data. Bookmark our portal to stay updated.

Last Split Factor:

Last Split Date: 01/01/1970

Splitting of shares is an increase in the number of securities of the issuing company circulating on the market due to a decrease in their value at constant capitalization.

For example, a 5: 1 ratio means that the value of one share will decrease 5 times, the total amount will increase 5 times. It is important to understand that this procedure does not change the capitalization of the company, as well as the total value of assets held in private hands.

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