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Ford Motor (F) Stock Forecast for 2024–2028. Sell or Buy?

Updated: May 30, 2024 (07:42)

Sector: Consumer cyclical

The share price of Ford Motor Company (F) now

Latest session on the 29th of May for
Ford Motor Company is negative
Trading Volume: 45759472
Open: 11.57 /  High: 11.65 /  Low: 11.5
What analysts predict: $13.6
52-week High/Low: $14.46 / $9.17

50/200 Day Moving Average: $12.6 / $11.91

This figure corresponds to the Average Price over the previous 50/200 days. For Ford Motor stocks, the 50-day moving average is the resistance level today.

For Ford Motor stocks, the 200-day moving average is the resistance level today.

Are you interested in Ford Motor Company stocks and want to buy them, or are they already in your portfolio? If yes, then on this page you will find useful information about the dynamics of the Ford Motor stock price in 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028. How much will one Ford Motor share be worth in 2024 - 2028?

When should I take profit in Ford Motor stock? When should I record a loss on Ford Motor stock? What are analysts' forecasts for Ford Motor stock? What is the future of Ford Motor stock? We forecast Ford Motor stock performance using neural networks based on historical data on Ford Motor stocks. Also, when forecasting, technical analysis tools are used, world geopolitical and news factors are taken into account.

Ford Motor stock prediction results are shown below and presented in the form of graphs, tables and text information, divided into time intervals. (Next month, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027 and 2028) The final quotes of the instrument at the close of the previous trading day are a signal to adjust the forecasts for Ford Motor shares. This happens once a day.

Historical and forecast chart of Ford Motor stock

The chart below shows the historical price of Ford Motor stock and a prediction chart for the next month. For convenience, prices are divided by color. Forecast prices include: Optimistic Forecast, Pessimistic Forecast, and Weighted Average Best Forecast. Detailed values for the Ford Motor stock price can be found in the table below.

Long-term forecasts by years.

Unlocking the Potential of Ford Motor: A Strategic F Stock Forecast

Trend: Neutral
May 23, 2024

With the automotive industry on the brink of a paradigm shift, forecasting the trajectory of Ford Motor's (F) stock is more critical than ever. Analysts peering into the future must weigh several influential factors to make precise predictions. The cyclical nature of the industry, looming economic shifts, the rising tide of electric vehicles (EVs), and the ever-volatile commodity prices present a complex tapestry influencing F stock rates. Understanding these dynamics can offer clues to the F stock buy or sell dilemma.

Deciphering the Signals: Navigating Ford's Future

A keen eye on external economic factors such as market trends in the US, Canada, and Western Europe is essential for any accurate F stock price prediction. These markets, where Ford has considerable stakes, are subject to fluctuations that directly impact sales and profitability. Additionally, the automotive sector's cyclical upheavals necessitate a historical understanding of Ford's performance metrics during various economic phases. This insight could serve as a foundational tool for forecasting the F stock price target with greater accuracy.

The electrification of the automotive industry heralds a transformative era for traditional automakers. F stock forecast discussions must not overlook the potential impact of the EV revolution. As consumer preferences pivot towards more sustainable and efficient transport options, Ford's strategic response to this trend will be a significant determinant of its market share and revenues, ultimately influencing is F a good stock to buy evaluations.

Lastly, the influence of commodity fluctuations on Ford's cost of revenues underscores the importance of keeping a pulse on global market conditions. Analysts striving for a comprehensive Ford Motor stock forecast need to factor in how variations in fuel and steel prices could affect profitability, thereby shaping the buy or sell Ford Motor stock decision.

  • Cyclical Nature
  • External Economic Factors
  • Rise of EVs
  • Commodity Fluctuations

In summary, an adept analyst must blend historical insights with current trends and projections to navigate the complexities of F stock predictions. Amidst these dynamic considerations lies the key to unlocking lucrative opportunities and crafting a strategic F stock buy or sell recommendation.

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Electric Vehicles: The High Voltage Impact on Ford's Stock Outlook

Trend: Neutral
May 13, 2024

In the rapidly evolving auto industry, Ford Motor Company's foray into electric vehicles (EVs) stands as a significant factor influencing its stock (F) forecast. Analysts looking to predict the trajectory of F stock prices must weigh two critical considerations. Firstly, Ford's current EV operations are underlined by considerable losses, with each electric vehicle sold contributing to a substantial financial drain. This situation is expected to persist, casting a shadow over Ford's profitability and, by extension, F stock price predictions.

Navigating Through Market Challenges

Secondly, the broader EV market faces its own set of hurdles, including slow adoption rates and an oversupply leading to inventory pile-ups. This environment has forced price cuts across the board, intensifying competition and squeezing profit margins for automakers like Ford. These market dynamics are crucial for any F stock forecast, as they could limit Ford's potential to capitalize on its electric vehicle offerings.

To make the most accurate F stock price target, analysts must consider how Ford's ongoing EV losses and the broader market challenges will play out. Understanding these will be essential for anyone pondering whether F is a good stock to buy or sell. Accurate predictions hinge on closely monitoring these evolving trends, positioning them as key determinants of Ford Motor's stock forecast.

  • Ford's EV losses and their continued impact on profitability
  • EV market challenges, including adoption rates and competitive pricing pressures

Given these factors, investors are keenly watching for any shift in these dynamics that could signal a change, making the F stock price prediction a complex yet fascinating endeavor in the world of automotive and investment analysis.

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The Resurgence of Ford: A Comprehensive F Stock Forecast

Trend: Bullish
May 02, 2024

Predicting the trajectory of Ford Motor Company's stock (F) has become an intriguing task for analysts. The recent shift towards viewing legacy automakers as fashionable investments has significantly influenced market sentiments. The key to an accurate F stock price prediction lies in analyzing specific factors expected to drive changes in the near future.

Key Drivers of Ford's Stock Performance

Foremost, the profitability of Ford's core business alongside the Ford Pro commercial segment stands out as a critical determinant. This stable financial base provides resilience against the slowdown in electric vehicle (EV) growth, suggesting a promising outlook for those wondering if F is a good stock to buy. Additionally, the dynamics of EV growth, amidst the challenges faced by pure-play EV companies, serve as a double-edged sword. Analysts eyeing the Ford Motor name stock forecast are closely monitoring these developments, given their substantial impact on long-term valuation and growth prospects.

Understanding market sentiment towards legacy automakers becomes crucial for an accurate F stock price target. The recent renaissance of traditional players like Ford, as compared to their EV-centric counterparts, has influenced analysts' perspectives on F stock forecast considerations. By weighing these elements carefully, an analyst can craft a more precise F stock buy or sell recommendation.

  • Profitability of Ford's core and Ford Pro segments
  • EV growth dynamics and market adjustments
  • Changing market sentiment towards legacy automakers

Incorporating these insights, stakeholders can navigate the evolving landscape with a well-informed buy or sell Ford Motor stock decision, making the F stock forecast a fascinating subject worthy of close scrutiny.

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The Future of Ford Stocks: A Look into the Crystal Ball

As the electric vehicle (EV) landscape continues to evolve, investors are keenly watching the movements of major players in the industry, particularly Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F). With the increasing challenges that EVs face, including consumer reticence and growing competition, it’s imperative to ask: How accurately can the F stocks be predicted, and what events and factors will most influence the change of F stocks rate?

Ford Motor stock forecast has become a topic of significant interest as the company navigates through the complexities of shifting market enthusiasm for EVs. While it’s challenging to predict stock movements with absolute certainty, Ford’s strategic positioning gives us clues. The company’s ability to blend EV innovation with its lucrative internal combustion models offers a unique hedge against the unpredictability of EV market demand. This dual approach might be a pivotal factor making F stock a potentially good buy.

Key Influences on Ford’s Stock Performance

Several near-term events and factors could notably impact Ford Motor name stock forecasts. Consumer attitudes toward EVs and the industry’s response to technological setbacks, particularly in autonomous driving, will play critical roles. Ford’s focus on less ambitious but effective technological solutions, coupled with its diversified product lineup, positions it well against competitors who are solely focused on EVs, such as Tesla.

Additionally, the company’s newer models and traditional advertising strategies could attract consumers deterred by the aesthetic stagnation and unique challenges associated with other EVs. This adaptability could be crucial for F stock price predictions as it might enable Ford to gain market share even as overall EV demand cools.

Whether F stock is a buy or sell decision depends on how investors assess these moving parts. However, Ford’s pragmatic approach to navigating the EV transition, combined with its proven track record in the automotive industry, makes the F stock price target an intriguing focus for investors. With F stock buy or sell discussions becoming more prevalent, investors are advised to keep a close eye on Ford Motor stock forecasts and the broader industry trends shaping the future of mobility.

Ford is a well-known American car manufacturer that produces vehicles under the iconic Ford brand. It’s one of the “Big Three” automakers in the United States, a title it shares with two other major players in the industry.

Ford Motor daily forecast for a month

Date Target Pes. Opt. Vol., %
Jun 01 11.76 11.69 11.86 1.43
Jun 02 11.85 11.78 11.94 1.37
Jun 03 11.82 11.66 11.91 2.11
Jun 04 11.75 11.70 11.88 1.53
Jun 05 11.68 11.63 11.76 1.13
Jun 06 11.57 11.44 11.76 2.73
Jun 07 11.67 11.58 11.84 2.24
Jun 08 11.75 11.64 11.94 2.54
Jun 09 11.78 11.65 11.91 2.18
Jun 10 11.70 11.58 11.77 1.62
Jun 11 11.78 11.59 11.96 3.15
Jun 12 11.98 11.79 12.08 2.42
Jun 13 12.18 12.06 12.23 1.43
Jun 14 12.35 12.27 12.52 1.97
Jun 15 12.31 12.22 12.45 1.85
Jun 16 12.55 12.38 12.66 2.25
Jun 17 12.74 12.68 12.85 1.35
Jun 18 12.82 12.72 12.98 2.06
Jun 19 12.94 12.84 13.12 2.18
Jun 20 12.72 12.61 12.85 1.90
Jun 21 12.72 12.55 12.79 1.91
Jun 22 12.83 12.70 12.95 1.98
Jun 23 12.94 12.76 13.13 2.88
Jun 24 12.86 12.72 12.91 1.50
Jun 25 12.87 12.76 13.03 2.08
Jun 26 12.83 12.72 12.97 1.92
Jun 27 12.82 12.64 13.00 2.88
Jun 28 12.92 12.81 13.03 1.71
Jun 29 12.94 12.75 13.08 2.54
Jun 30 13.01 12.95 13.13 1.43

Ford Motor Daily Price Targets

Ford Motor Stock Forecast 06-01-2024.

Forecast target price for 06-01-2024: $11.76.
Positive dynamics for Ford Motor shares will prevail with possible volatility of 1.407%.
Pessimistic target level: 11.69
Optimistic target level: 11.86

Ford Motor Stock Forecast 06-02-2024.

Forecast target price for 06-02-2024: $11.85.
Positive dynamics for Ford Motor shares will prevail with possible volatility of 1.350%.
Pessimistic target level: 11.78
Optimistic target level: 11.94

Ford Motor Stock Forecast 06-03-2024.

Forecast target price for 06-03-2024: $11.82.
Negative dynamics for Ford Motor shares will prevail with possible volatility of 2.065%.
Pessimistic target level: 11.66
Optimistic target level: 11.91

Ford Motor Stock Forecast 06-04-2024.

Forecast target price for 06-04-2024: $11.75.
Negative dynamics for Ford Motor shares will prevail with possible volatility of 1.503%.
Pessimistic target level: 11.70
Optimistic target level: 11.88

Ford Motor Stock Forecast 06-05-2024.

Forecast target price for 06-05-2024: $11.68.
Negative dynamics for Ford Motor shares will prevail with possible volatility of 1.113%.
Pessimistic target level: 11.63
Optimistic target level: 11.76

Ford Motor Stock Forecast 06-06-2024.

Forecast target price for 06-06-2024: $11.57.
Negative dynamics for Ford Motor shares will prevail with possible volatility of 2.658%.
Pessimistic target level: 11.44
Optimistic target level: 11.76

F (F) Monthly Stock Prediction for 2024

Month Target Pes. Opt. Vol., %
Jun. 12.82 11.34 13.34 14.99
Jul. 14.63 13.49 15.28 11.77
Aug. 14.98 13.65 16.03 14.85
Sep. 15.52 14.93 16.35 8.68
Oct. 15.56 14.79 17.27 14.33
Nov. 15.52 14.98 17.05 12.15
Dec. 15.98 15.05 17.40 13.50

Ford Motor forecast for this year

Ford Motor Stock Prediction for Jun 2024

An uptrend is forecast for this month with an optimal target price of $12.8188. Pessimistic: $11.34. Optimistic: $13.34

Ford Motor Stock Prediction for Jul 2024

An uptrend is forecast for this month with an optimal target price of $14.6263. Pessimistic: $13.49. Optimistic: $15.28

Ford Motor Stock Prediction for Aug 2024

An uptrend is forecast for this month with an optimal target price of $14.9773. Pessimistic: $13.65. Optimistic: $16.03

Ford Motor Stock Prediction for Sep 2024

An uptrend is forecast for this month with an optimal target price of $15.5165. Pessimistic: $14.93. Optimistic: $16.35

Ford Motor Stock Prediction for Oct 2024

An uptrend is forecast for this month with an optimal target price of $15.563. Pessimistic: $14.79. Optimistic: $17.27

Ford Motor Stock Prediction for Nov 2024

An downtrend is forecast for this month with an optimal target price of $15.5163. Pessimistic: $14.98. Optimistic: $17.05

Ford Motor Stock Prediction for Dec 2024

An uptrend is forecast for this month with an optimal target price of $15.9818. Pessimistic: $15.05. Optimistic: $17.40

Ford Motor (F) Monthly Stock Prediction for 2025

Month Target Pes. Opt. Vol., %
Jan 16.41 15.13 18.04 16.11
Mar 17.45 16.01 18.68 14.29
Mar 17.26 15.97 17.78 10.19
Apr 15.35 14.47 16.15 10.40
May 14.75 14.02 15.35 8.65
Jun 14.51 13.05 15.64 16.56
Jul 14.72 12.96 16.00 19.04
Aug 13.77 13.28 14.68 9.57
Sep 13.96 12.64 14.59 13.35
Oct 14.02 13.10 15.47 15.36
Nov 14.51 12.94 15.75 17.83
Dec 15.40 13.76 16.53 16.77

Ford Motor (F) Monthly Stock Prediction for 2026

Month Target Pes. Opt. Vol., %
Jan 16.14 14.37 17.76 19.08
Mar 16.84 15.35 17.50 12.27
Mar 17.77 16.89 19.40 12.92
Apr 18.55 17.88 19.69 9.19
May 21.02 20.08 22.60 11.16
Jun 22.63 21.48 24.80 13.41
Jul 25.92 24.99 27.17 8.02
Aug 24.14 21.64 25.08 13.71
Sep 24.24 21.55 25.66 16.01
Oct 24.03 22.33 25.65 12.93
Nov 23.59 22.11 24.80 10.85
Dec 23.63 21.57 25.08 13.99

Ford Motor (F) Monthly Stock Prediction for 2027

Month Target Pes. Opt. Vol., %
Jan 22.07 21.11 23.23 9.12
Mar 22.53 20.67 24.26 14.77
Mar 25.85 23.67 27.90 15.15
Apr 25.77 24.38 27.20 10.37
May 24.57 22.69 26.56 14.57
Jun 27.78 25.90 30.98 16.41
Jul 27.36 24.49 28.92 15.33
Aug 31.38 29.40 32.89 10.59
Sep 31.15 27.69 33.62 17.65
Oct 32.17 28.31 35.50 20.25
Nov 31.98 29.05 33.18 12.43
Dec 32.94 29.98 34.32 12.67

Ford Motor (F) Monthly Stock Prediction for 2028

Month Target Pes. Opt. Vol., %
Jan 31.85 29.61 34.58 14.37
Feb 29.66 27.12 30.90 12.24
Mar 30.55 28.67 33.80 15.18
Apr 35.08 30.92 38.76 20.23
May 37.55 34.40 39.53 12.97
Jun 42.57 38.42 46.97 18.21
Jul 42.89 40.57 47.71 14.97
Aug 44.69 39.59 49.85 20.57
Sep 39.39 35.97 42.52 15.42
Oct 39.22 37.04 41.45 10.64
Nov 36.10 32.31 40.05 19.33
Dec 38.53 35.88 40.56 11.54

Ford Motor information and performance

Ford Motor Address


Market Capitalization: 48 319 341 000 $

Market capitalization of the Ford Motor Company is the total market value of all issued shares of a company. It is calculated by the formula multiplying the number of F shares in the company outstanding by the market price of one share.

EBITDA: 11 079 999 000 $

EBITDA of Ford Motor is earnings before interest, income tax and depreciation of assets.

PE Ratio: 12.54

P/E ratio (price to earnings) - shows the ratio between the price of a share and the company's profit

PEG Ratio: 0.733

Price/earnings to growth

DPS: 0.6

Dividend Per Share is a financial indicator equal to the ratio of the company's net profit available for distribution to the annual average of ordinary shares.

DY: 0.0493

Dividend yield is a ratio that shows how much a company pays in dividends each year at the stock price.

EPS: 0.97

EPS shows how much of the net profit is accounted for by the common share.

Quarterly Earnings Growth YOY: -0.25
Quarterly Revenue Growth YOY: 0.031
Trailing PE: 12.54

Trailing P/E depends on what has already been done. It uses the current share price and divides it by the total earnings per share for the last 12 months.

Forward PE: 6.74

Forward P/E uses projections of future earnings instead of final numbers.

EV To Revenue: 0.914

Enterprise Value (EV) /Revenue

EV To EBITDA: 13.64

The EV / EBITDA ratio shows the ratio of the cost (EV) to its profit before tax, interest and amortization (EBITDA).

Shares Outstanding: 3921490000

Number of issued ordinary shares

Shares Float: N/A

Number of freely tradable shares

Shares Short Prior Month: N/A

Shares Short Prior Month - the number of shares in short positions in the last month.

Short Ratio: N/A
Percent Insiders: N/A
Percent Institutions: N/A

Ford Motor (F) stock dividend

Ford Motor last paid dividends on 05/07/2024. The next scheduled payment will be on 06/03/2024. The amount of dividends is $0.6 per share. If the date of the next dividend payment has not been updated, it means that the issuer has not yet announced the exact payment. As soon as information becomes available, we will immediately update the data. Bookmark our portal to stay updated.

Last Split Factor:

Last Split Date: 01/01/1970

Splitting of shares is an increase in the number of securities of the issuing company circulating on the market due to a decrease in their value at constant capitalization.

For example, a 5: 1 ratio means that the value of one share will decrease 5 times, the total amount will increase 5 times. It is important to understand that this procedure does not change the capitalization of the company, as well as the total value of assets held in private hands.

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