Tech Earnings Season: A Mixed Bag of Ups and Downs -
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Tech Earnings Season: A Mixed Bag of Ups and Downs

October 26, 2023

A Mixed Bag in the Tech Earnings Season

The tech earnings season has come with a mixed range of results, seeing diverse reactions from traders to various companies’ financial performances. Tesla has witnessed a drop, while Netflix revels in a rise, Google stocks have dipped, and Microsoft has enjoyed growth. Shares for Meta Platforms have also seen a decrease. With the financial health of what was known as Facebook under scrutiny, traders and the wider market are eagerly awaiting the forthcoming release of Amazon’s (AMZN) report that will cap off this week.

The Temporary Triumph and Decline of Meta

Meta Platforms (META) shares initially enjoyed about 4% growth in AH trading on Wednesday, this was due to robust profits, revenues and user figures surpassing predictions. However, the growth trend didn’t last long—shares fell nearly 4% by the conclusion of the company’s conference call. The call highlighted higher levels of “uncertainty” and “volatility,” especially within the advertising market which remains Meta’s primary income source. These factors combined with a cautious outlook for 2024 revenue led to notable investments being made for infrastructure improvements, payroll enhancements and AR/VR developments as part of the expansion into metaverse technology. As CFO Susan Li recognized these big investment plans she underscored the necessity for consolidated operating income growth to fund them.

Navigating Nasdaq’s Windy Journey

The post-release period of recent tech earnings saw the Nasdaq Composite Index (COMP.IND) dip into correction territory. Alphabet Inc.’s (GOOG, GOOGL) shares took an almost 10% nose-dive—the biggest since March 2020 when COVID-19 hit. The climb back to 5% of the 10-year Treasury yield didn’t make things any better. Although Nasdaq demonstrated robust performance until mid-summer, the Federal Reserve’s announcement of potentially extended high interest rates resulted in a slowdown. Nevertheless, investors can still wrap up the year with a satisfying 23% YTD increase.

Resolution to Auto Strike on the Horizon?

There seems to be a glimmer of hope as Ford Motor (F) and the UAW union may have come to a tentative agreement, marking an end to their six-week auto strike. The proposal includes a general wage hike of 25% over four years. This could well set the stage for follow-up negotiations with other Detroit automakers such as General Motors (GM) and Stellantis (STLA). That said, whether or not this deal gets presented to members for final approval will be decided when the UAW National-Ford Council leadership meet on Oct. 29.

Economic Growth amidst Rising Interest Rates

In spite of looming threats of “prolonged high” interest rates, Q3 saw an impressive boost in U.S economy due primarily to strong consumer spending. It’s predicted that U.S gross domestic product surged by 4.3% in Q3, over twice the growth rate recorded in Q2 which was 2.1%. While this optimistic forecast is supported by recent retail sales data, emerging risks such as falling consumer spending, potential government closure and continuing geopolitical instability can’t be ignored.

2 thoughts on “Tech Earnings Season: A Mixed Bag of Ups and Downs”

  1. Now the potential end of Ford Motor’s auto strike rings good bells, wonder if this finally restarts negotiations between unions and Detroit automakers?
    On economic growth front, if consumer spending continues strong amidst high interest threats, we might witness enhanced growth rates. But let’s not overlook potential risks; instability is still very much our bedfellow.

  2. Well, isn’t the tech world a rollercoaster! It’s fascinating to see this play out – giants like Tesla and Facebook experiencing drops, while Netflix and Microsoft are thriving. This volatile market has me on my toes. The decline in Meta stocks post their conference call pinpoints a potential fly in the ointment – with the tech giant flagging volatility and uncertainty within the advertising space. With advertising being such a prominent source of revenue for them, it’s certainly food for thought.

    Another surprise was learning about Alphabet Inc.’s 10% dip – talk about a world taken aback! Ironically, despite this hit, it’d be an achievement if I close out the year with that 23% YTD increase in Nasdaq.


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