Teva Stock Buy or Sell? TEVA Stocks Forecast

Market Capitalization: 10 144 778 000 $
EBITDA: 3 762 000 000 $
Price to Earnings: None
Quarterly Earnings Growth YOY: 0.4
Quarterly Revenue Growth YOY: 0.071
Trailing PE: -
Forward PE: 3.652
Shares Outstanding: 1120970000

Teva Stock Buy or Sell? TEVA Stocks Analytic Forecasts

Updated on November 29, 2023 (12:52)

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Lim. (TEVA) (TEVA prediction charts) Sector: Healthcare

We present you the most up-to-date and complete review of analytical trend forecasts and views on the TEVA stock market. Experts share their opinions on what to expect from the Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Lim. (TEVA) stock market. How likely is the stock price to move in a bullish or bearish trend. Which should help you to make the right decision whether to Buy or Sell Teva stocks.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Lim. (TEVA) Stock Market Experts’ Analysis and Forecasting – Sell or Buy TEVA Shares?

The most recent analytical view which can help you to answer the worrying question: Should I Buy Stocks Now or Wait? came out under the authorship of Dair Sansyzbayev and is titled

“Teva: Deeply Undervalued FCF Machine”

is published on November 20 (2023) and has 0 likes. The review predicts Strong Bullish market trend.

It summarize the following theses:

  • Teva is an Israeli pharmaceutical company and the largest global generic manufacturer which suffered numerous challenges in recent years.
  • The new management has a clear vision of how to deliver value to shareholders with the help of the company’s strong assets portfolio.
  • The company’s fair value is estimated by me to be close to $15 billion, indicating almost 50% upside potential.

The author starts his analytic review with the following:

Investment thesis Investors of Teva Pharmaceutical (NYSE:TEVA) experienced a lot of pain in recent years as the company faced multiple challenges and litigations, which led to a massive reputation loss. However, the new CEO of the company outlined the company’s new strategy in the first half of this year and recent performance suggests that Teva is already making solid moves in line with the strategy. My analysis suggests that Teva has strong assets, and with the new management’s clearly articulated goals, the company is likely to significantly improve its financial performance, which deteriorated significantly in recent years under old management. Moreover, my valuation analysis suggests the stock is almost 50% undervalued. All in all, I assign the stock a “Strong Buy” rating.

The opinion of the author can be considered quite authoritative.
The number of 3392 followers confirms this.
Dair Sansyzbayev is the contributor of experts community
since 2023 and has 281 works published.

One more noteworthy article is written by Pink Sands Value Investor under the title

“Teva: Focus On Innovation And Growth Means The Times They Are A Changing”

on September 14 (2023) and has 3 likes. The expert reflects Strong Bullish trend of the market.

Нis theses make you think about whether to add TEVA stocks to your investment portfolio or not, and helps to work out your own Teva stock selling strategies:

  • Teva Pharmaceutical Industries has faced significant challenges and a decline in shareholder value over the past decade.
  • The company has resolved its opioid litigation with U.S. states and is focusing on maximizing growth in innovative products and becoming a generics powerhouse.
  • Teva’s strategic shift and efficient capital allocation position it for potential recovery and success, although it still faces risks and must execute its strategy effectively.
  • Focus on growth and innovation should drive future profits.

Pink Sands Value Investor starts analysis with such words:

One of the first stocks I ever looked at was Teva Pharmaceutical Industries (NYSE:TEVA). It had a drip option at Computershare (OTCPK:CMSQY) when I first started investing over twenty years ago. At the time, I decided to pass on the stock because I did not believe it had the necessary risk reward profile that I like. TEVA has had a tumultuous last ten years as the world’s largest generic drugmaker but to misquote one of my favorite Bob Dylan songs, “The Times at Teva Are A-Changin”. The lyrics to Dylan’s song are oddly appropriate in the case of TEVA.

Pink Sands Value Investor has already 1333 followers, which shows, he is the one who cares for his words.
The contributor of experts community since 2016. Has published at least 41 articles.

Another analysis presented by Nathan Aisenstadt came out on August 26 (2023). Obviously, coupled with the newer reviews, this forecasting could be useful to find out the best trading strategy for TEVA stocks. It sounds like

“The Mighty Teva Pharmaceutical: Unveiling A Bullish Scenario You Must Consider”

Article has got 1 likes at the moment and forecasting Bullish trend of the market.

Summarizing the information presented in the review concerning the Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Lim. (TEVA), the expert says the following:

  • On August 2, Teva Pharmaceutical published its financial report for the second quarter of 2023, which showed an improvement in its financial position.
  • Teva Pharmaceutical’s revenue for the second quarter of 2023 was $3.88 billion, up 6% from the previous quarter and up 2.4% from the second quarter of 2022.
  • TEV-48574 is a key gem in the company’s portfolio, which is being developed for treating inflammatory bowel disease and continues to demonstrate excellent efficacy in vitro studies.
  • Austedo sales were $308 million in Q2 2023, up 81.2% QoQ.
  • We continue our analytics coverage of Teva Pharmaceutical with an “outperform” rating for the next 12 months.

And here, what comes first:

On August 2, Teva Pharmaceutical (NYSE:TEVA) released its second quarter 2023 financial results, which not only beat Wall Street’s expectations but continued to show that with Richard Francis taking over as CEO earlier this year, the company’s financial position continues to improve.

The opinion of the author can be considered quite authoritative.
The number of 4412 followers confirms this.
Nathan Aisenstadt is the contributor of experts community since 2021. Has already 121 analytic reviews published.

The Share Price of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Lim. (TEVA) (TEVA) for now

What analysts predict: $10.44
52-week high/low: $11.45 / $7.09

50/200 Day Moving Average: $9.26 / $8.89

The average stock price over the previous 50/200 days. For Teva stocks, the 50-day moving average is the resistance level for now. For TEVA stocks, the 200-day moving average is the resistance level today.

See the Detailed Predictions for TEVA stock with charts and tables

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