DiDi Global (DIDIY) Stock Forecast for 2024–2028. Didiy Prediction

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DiDi Global Inc. (DIDIY) Stock Forecast for 2024–2028. Didiy Prediction. Sell or Buy?

Updated: July 15, 2024 (02:04)

Sector: Technology

The share price of DiDi Global Inc. (DIDIY) now

Latest session on the 12th of July for
DiDi Global Inc. is positive
Trading Volume: 25490383
Open: 3.61 /  High: 3.77 /  Low: 3.54
What analysts predict: $
52-week High/Low: $ / $

50/200 Day Moving Average: $ / $

This figure corresponds to the Average Price over the previous 50/200 days. For DiDi Global stocks, the 50-day moving average is the support level today.

For DiDi Global stocks, the 200-day moving average is the support level today.

Are you interested in DiDi Global Inc. stocks and want to buy them, or are they already in your portfolio? If yes, then on this page you will find useful information about the dynamics of the DiDi Global stock price in 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028. How much will one DiDi Global share be worth in 2024 - 2028?

When should I take profit in DiDi Global stock? When should I record a loss on DiDi Global stock? What are analysts' forecasts for DiDi Global stock? What is the future of DiDi Global stock? We forecast DiDi Global stock performance using neural networks based on historical data on DiDi Global stocks. Also, when forecasting, technical analysis tools are used, world geopolitical and news factors are taken into account.

DiDi Global stock prediction results are shown below and presented in the form of graphs, tables and text information, divided into time intervals. (Next month, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027 and 2028) The final quotes of the instrument at the close of the previous trading day are a signal to adjust the forecasts for DiDi Global shares. This happens once a day.

Historical and forecast chart of DiDi Global stock

The chart below shows the historical price of DiDi Global stock and a prediction chart for the next month. For convenience, prices are divided by color. Forecast prices include: Optimistic Forecast, Pessimistic Forecast, and Weighted Average Best Forecast. Detailed values for the DiDi Global stock price can be found in the table below.

Long-term forecasts by years.

Exploring the Potential Surge in DIDIY Stock: A Closer Look at Driving Forces

Trend: Strong Bullish
Jun 05, 2024

The financial landscape for DiDi Global (DIDIY) appears to be teeming with optimism, bolstered by a trifecta of influential factors likely to sway the stock rate in a northward trajectory. As investors keenly observe the company's movements, the question on many minds is what events and determinants will shape the future of DIDIY stocks. Answering this involves peeling back layers to understand the underlying dynamics poised to influence market valuations significantly.

The Forefront of Financial Forecasting for DIDIY

Firstly, the spotlight shines brightly on DIDIY's financial performance. The company's impressive Q1 FY2024 results, marked by solid revenue growth, a surge in transaction volume, and enhanced profitability, set the stage for optimistic DIDIY stock forecasts. Analysts looking to make the most accurate predictions would do well to consider these indicators not merely as numbers but as reflections of DiDi Global’s robust operational strength.

Secondly, despite the rally, DIDIY stocks remain tantalizingly undervalued. The gap between the current market valuation and the projected fair value, suggesting over 90% upside potential, is a critical factor for analysts. Interpreting these figures through a lens that appreciates DiDi Global’s ongoing adjustments and market strategy could yield a more nuanced DIDIY stock price prediction.

Finally, the burgeoning business momentum and the promising growth prospects, especially in international markets, cannot be overlooked. For those contemplating whether DIDIY is a good stock to buy, this growth trajectory—amplified by innovation and strategic market penetrations—offers compelling arguments. Analysts and investors alike need to integrate this momentum into their assessments to craft a well-rounded DIDIY stock price target.

When marrying these insights with a keen understanding of market dynamics, analysts can venture beyond surface-level analytics. Delving into DiDi Global's financial health, valuation discrepancies, and business vigour allows for crafting predictions on DIDIY stock rates that are not just numbers but narratives of potential and prosperity. Whether a 'buy or sell' verdict, the informed outlook is clear: DIDIY stands on a precipice of opportunity, awaiting the discerning investor.

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Unlocking the Future: Decoding DIDIY's Stock Movements

Trend: Strong Bullish
Mar 08, 2024

When speculative glances turn towards the bustling streets of the ride-hailing market, all eyes find themselves fixated on DiDi Global – a name that veils untapped potential yet to be recognized by keen investors. The dance of DIDIY stocks in the financial theatre is orchestrated by a symphony of key influencers, each playing a crucial note that forecasts the melody of tomorrow.

The Pulse of Change: Key Influencers on DIDIY's Horizon

At the forefront, regulatory environments and government crackdowns graze the strings with the heaviest touch. The shadow of regulatory scrutiny, especially concerning data privacy of Chinese citizens, veils DIDIY in uncertainty and paints its immediate future with broad strokes of volatility. Analysts armed with a deep understanding of geopolitical dynamics can, therefore, predict the ebb and flow of DIDIY stocks with a sharper accuracy.

Equally compelling is the narrative of market share and competition. In the bustling avenues where DIDIY claims its reign, the constant threat from titans like Alibaba's Amap and Meituan whispers tales of potential usurpation. Yet, DIDIY's resilience, reflected in its ability to maintain and grow its market share, serves as a beacon for forecasting its ascendancy in stock valuation.

Moreover, the melodies of financial performance and market perception tune the finer notes. The crescendo of DIDIY's revenue growth and improved profitability resonates with investors, turning skeptical glances into gazes of admiration and trust. Herein lies the symphony’s secret: parsing these financial disclosures with a nuanced understanding can lead analysts to predict stock movements with an astute precision.

  • Regulatory Environment and Government Crackdowns
  • Market Share and Competition
  • Financial Performance and Profitability
  • Investor Sentiment and Market Perception

To the discerning analyst, these elements serve not merely as signposts but as constellations, guiding towards the most accurate predictions of DIDIY's stock trajectories. In the theater of stocks, understanding these influences can transform the uncertain into the undeniable, allowing investors to anticipate the future with a clarity that borders on foresight.

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Unveiling The Future Of DiDi Global Stocks: A Forward-Looking Analysis

Trend: Strong Bullish
Mar 26, 2024

In the swirling world of stock market forecasts, pinpointing the trajectory of DiDi Global's stocks (DIDIY) involves dissecting a blend of pivotal events and figures. As we sail into the near future, the spotlight intensifies on certain key developments poised to sculpt the DIDIY stock landscape.

Deciphering the Catalysts of Change for DIDIY Stocks

At the forefront, DiDi Global's stellar Q4 2023 results emerge as a robust influencer, boasting a 55.4% YoY leap in total revenues and an impressive 65.8% YoY growth in Gross Transaction Value (GTV). This paints a vivid picture of the company's robust momentum and operational finesse, elements that could woo investors and polish the DIDIY stock forecast. Furthermore, the China Mobility sector’s remarkable expansion, earmarked by a 60.9% YoY surge in revenues, underscores DiDi's unassailable dominance in China’s ride-hailing arena—a trait likely to entice market stakeholders.

Additionally, a noteworthy narrative unfolds with DiDi curbing losses in its international segment. This narrative, coupled with a sturdy balance sheet and ambitious $1 billion share repurchases, craft a potent mix likely to sway DIDIY stock price predictions. Analysts, threading through this intricate web of facts, can harness these insights to mould a nuanced DIDIY stock price target, answering the burning query—is DIDIY a good stock to buy or sell?

  • Strong Q4 2023 Results
  • Growth in China Mobility Segment
  • Reduction in Losses for International Segment
  • Strong Balance Sheet and Share Repurchases

As we navigate through this era of uncertainty, these elements serve as the compass for forecasting DiDi Global's stock trajectory. The enthusiastic push in the China Mobility segment, coupled with strategic financial maneuvers, sketches an appealing vista for potential investors, curating a narrative of growth and resilience. Thus, when contemplating whether to buy or sell DiDi Global stock, reflecting upon these facets could unveil a spectrum of investment possibilities.

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DIDI develops global services: Taxi, Express, Premium and Luxury passenger transportation, bus services, driver service systems, solutions for corporate clients, bicycle and car rental, and food delivery.


DiDi Global daily forecast for a month

Date Target Pes. Opt. Vol., %
Jul 16 3.79 3.74 3.86 3.33
Jul 17 3.86 3.83 3.94 2.91
Jul 18 3.75 3.64 3.81 4.87
Jul 19 3.67 3.58 3.70 3.28
Jul 20 3.65 3.60 3.74 3.77
Jul 21 3.79 3.74 3.90 4.29
Jul 22 3.76 3.72 3.82 2.71
Jul 23 3.83 3.72 3.91 5.23
Jul 24 3.71 3.60 3.75 4.17
Jul 25 3.57 3.49 3.66 4.74
Jul 26 3.58 3.55 3.69 3.96
Jul 27 3.67 3.62 3.70 2.27
Jul 28 3.65 3.59 3.72 3.65
Jul 29 3.61 3.51 3.69 5.19
Jul 30 3.58 3.49 3.63 3.98
Jul 31 3.62 3.55 3.73 5.06
Aug 01 3.69 3.59 3.72 3.66
Aug 02 3.65 3.62 3.75 3.47
Aug 03 3.61 3.57 3.70 3.72
Aug 04 3.48 3.42 3.53 2.97
Aug 05 3.45 3.41 3.52 3.07
Aug 06 3.32 3.24 3.38 4.51
Aug 07 3.35 3.27 3.44 5.25
Aug 08 3.40 3.29 3.46 5.16
Aug 09 3.34 3.27 3.40 4.12
Aug 10 3.40 3.36 3.47 3.32
Aug 11 3.30 3.21 3.38 5.34
Aug 12 3.25 3.19 3.30 3.22
Aug 13 3.23 3.13 3.29 5.04
Aug 14 3.25 3.16 3.35 6.13

DiDi Global Daily Price Targets

DiDi Global Stock Forecast 07-16-2024.

Forecast target price for 07-16-2024: $3.79.
Positive dynamics for DiDi Global shares will prevail with possible volatility of 3.218%.
Pessimistic target level: 3.74
Optimistic target level: 3.86

DiDi Global Stock Forecast 07-17-2024.

Forecast target price for 07-17-2024: $3.86.
Positive dynamics for DiDi Global shares will prevail with possible volatility of 2.826%.
Pessimistic target level: 3.83
Optimistic target level: 3.94

DiDi Global Stock Forecast 07-18-2024.

Forecast target price for 07-18-2024: $3.75.
Negative dynamics for DiDi Global shares will prevail with possible volatility of 4.642%.
Pessimistic target level: 3.64
Optimistic target level: 3.81

DiDi Global Stock Forecast 07-19-2024.

Forecast target price for 07-19-2024: $3.67.
Negative dynamics for DiDi Global shares will prevail with possible volatility of 3.173%.
Pessimistic target level: 3.58
Optimistic target level: 3.70

DiDi Global Stock Forecast 07-20-2024.

Forecast target price for 07-20-2024: $3.65.
Negative dynamics for DiDi Global shares will prevail with possible volatility of 3.634%.
Pessimistic target level: 3.60
Optimistic target level: 3.74

DiDi Global Stock Forecast 07-21-2024.

Forecast target price for 07-21-2024: $3.79.
Positive dynamics for DiDi Global shares will prevail with possible volatility of 4.113%.
Pessimistic target level: 3.74
Optimistic target level: 3.90

DIDIY (DIDIY) Monthly Stock Prediction for 2024

Month Target Pes. Opt. Vol., %
Aug. 3.73 3.60 3.84 6.21
Sep. 3.84 3.67 4.13 10.98
Oct. 3.94 3.76 4.18 10.01
Nov. 3.86 3.60 4.07 11.47
Dec. 3.92 3.71 4.20 11.84

DiDi Global forecast for this year

DiDi Global Stock Prediction for Aug 2024

An downtrend is forecast for this month with an optimal target price of $3.7275. Pessimistic: $3.60. Optimistic: $3.84

DiDi Global Stock Prediction for Sep 2024

An uptrend is forecast for this month with an optimal target price of $3.83932. Pessimistic: $3.67. Optimistic: $4.13

DiDi Global Stock Prediction for Oct 2024

An uptrend is forecast for this month with an optimal target price of $3.94299. Pessimistic: $3.76. Optimistic: $4.18

DiDi Global Stock Prediction for Nov 2024

An downtrend is forecast for this month with an optimal target price of $3.85624. Pessimistic: $3.60. Optimistic: $4.07

DiDi Global Stock Prediction for Dec 2024

An uptrend is forecast for this month with an optimal target price of $3.91794. Pessimistic: $3.71. Optimistic: $4.20

DiDi Global (DIDIY) Monthly Stock Prediction for 2025

Month Target Pes. Opt. Vol., %
Jan 3.86 3.56 4.07 12.62
Feb 4.08 3.92 4.38 10.34
Mar 3.96 3.78 4.18 9.48
Apr 4.15 3.98 4.25 6.35
May 3.82 3.72 3.90 4.79
Jun 3.62 3.42 3.90 12.26
Jul 3.78 3.56 4.08 12.60
Aug 3.75 3.51 3.92 10.52
Sep 3.63 3.41 3.74 8.83
Oct 3.91 3.66 4.10 10.68
Nov 4.19 3.92 4.41 11.11
Dec 4.11 4.02 4.32 6.85

DiDi Global (DIDIY) Monthly Stock Prediction for 2026

Month Target Pes. Opt. Vol., %
Jan 4.42 4.25 4.78 11.11
Feb 4.31 3.98 4.58 13.18
Mar 3.92 3.78 4.10 7.92
Apr 3.57 3.45 3.65 5.39
May 3.44 3.22 3.70 13.10
Jun 3.48 3.38 3.70 8.65
Jul 3.49 3.25 3.73 12.73
Aug 3.71 3.46 3.87 10.56
Sep 3.93 3.63 4.15 12.43
Oct 3.95 3.84 4.25 9.84
Nov 3.55 3.29 3.63 9.49
Dec 3.47 3.25 3.68 11.60

DiDi Global (DIDIY) Monthly Stock Prediction for 2027

Month Target Pes. Opt. Vol., %
Jan 3.30 3.20 3.38 5.27
Feb 2.99 2.85 3.21 11.09
Mar 3.26 3.09 3.33 7.06
Apr 3.13 2.98 3.32 10.20
May 3.22 3.14 3.34 5.98
Jun 3.28 3.17 3.43 7.57
Jul 3.49 3.24 3.57 9.19
Aug 3.58 3.45 3.69 6.59
Sep 3.79 3.70 3.96 6.42
Oct 3.87 3.72 4.04 7.95
Nov 3.55 3.30 3.74 11.87
Dec 3.25 3.04 3.51 13.45

DiDi Global (DIDIY) Monthly Stock Prediction for 2028

Month Target Pes. Opt. Vol., %
Jan 3.20 3.12 3.40 8.45
Feb 3.09 2.96 3.28 9.79
Mar 3.14 3.00 3.38 11.35
Apr 3.43 3.19 3.61 11.68
May 3.38 3.13 3.45 9.12
Jun 3.45 3.24 3.59 9.62
Jul 3.47 3.40 3.69 7.90
Aug 3.76 3.60 4.03 10.63
Sep 4.00 3.77 4.15 9.17
Oct 3.97 3.80 4.25 10.56
Nov 3.79 3.55 4.09 13.25
Dec 3.92 3.64 4.02 9.55

DiDi Global information and performance

DiDi Global Address


Market Capitalization: N/A $

Market capitalization of the DiDi Global Inc. is the total market value of all issued shares of a company. It is calculated by the formula multiplying the number of DIDIY shares in the company outstanding by the market price of one share.


EBITDA of DiDi Global is earnings before interest, income tax and depreciation of assets.

PE Ratio: N/A

P/E ratio (price to earnings) - shows the ratio between the price of a share and the company's profit

PEG Ratio: N/A

Price/earnings to growth


Dividend Per Share is a financial indicator equal to the ratio of the company's net profit available for distribution to the annual average of ordinary shares.


Dividend yield is a ratio that shows how much a company pays in dividends each year at the stock price.


EPS shows how much of the net profit is accounted for by the common share.

Quarterly Earnings Growth YOY: N/A
Quarterly Revenue Growth YOY: N/A
Trailing PE: N/A

Trailing P/E depends on what has already been done. It uses the current share price and divides it by the total earnings per share for the last 12 months.

Forward PE: N/A

Forward P/E uses projections of future earnings instead of final numbers.

EV To Revenue: N/A

Enterprise Value (EV) /Revenue


The EV / EBITDA ratio shows the ratio of the cost (EV) to its profit before tax, interest and amortization (EBITDA).

Shares Outstanding: N/A

Number of issued ordinary shares

Shares Float: N/A

Number of freely tradable shares

Shares Short Prior Month: N/A

Shares Short Prior Month - the number of shares in short positions in the last month.

Short Ratio: N/A
Percent Insiders: N/A
Percent Institutions: N/A

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