AGNC Investment (AGNC) Stock Forecast for 2024–2028. Sell or Buy Prediction

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AGNC Investment (AGNC) Stock Forecast for 2024–2028. Sell or Buy?

Updated: July 24, 2024 (02:16)

Sector: Real Estate

The share price of AGNC Investment Corp. (AGNC) now

Latest session on the 23rd of July for
AGNC Investment Corp. is positive
Trading Volume: 22800428
Open: 10.07 /  High: 10.34 /  Low: 10.06
What analysts predict: $10
52-week High/Low: $10.57 / $6.16

50/200 Day Moving Average: $9.8 / $9.38

This figure corresponds to the Average Price over the previous 50/200 days. For AGNC Investment stocks, the 50-day moving average is the support level today.

For AGNC Investment stocks, the 200-day moving average is the support level today.

Are you interested in AGNC Investment Corp. stocks and want to buy them, or are they already in your portfolio? If yes, then on this page you will find useful information about the dynamics of the AGNC Investment stock price in 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028. How much will one AGNC Investment share be worth in 2024 - 2028?

When should I take profit in AGNC Investment stock? When should I record a loss on AGNC Investment stock? What are analysts' forecasts for AGNC Investment stock? What is the future of AGNC Investment stock? We forecast AGNC Investment stock performance using neural networks based on historical data on AGNC Investment stocks. Also, when forecasting, technical analysis tools are used, world geopolitical and news factors are taken into account.

AGNC Investment stock prediction results are shown below and presented in the form of graphs, tables and text information, divided into time intervals. (Next month, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027 and 2028) The final quotes of the instrument at the close of the previous trading day are a signal to adjust the forecasts for AGNC Investment shares. This happens once a day.

Historical and forecast chart of AGNC Investment stock

The chart below shows the historical price of AGNC Investment stock and a prediction chart for the next month. For convenience, prices are divided by color. Forecast prices include: Optimistic Forecast, Pessimistic Forecast, and Weighted Average Best Forecast. Detailed values for the AGNC Investment stock price can be found in the table below.

Long-term forecasts by years.

AGNC Stock Forecast: Key Factors Influencing Future Rates

Trend: Bullish
Jul 12, 2024

AGNC Investment presents rich yields but comes with inherent risks influenced by several key factors. Analysts monitoring AGNC stock forecasts should pay close attention to macroeconomic volatility, net interest spread, leverage ratio, market sentiment, dividend payouts, and share dilution.

Key Elements Influencing AGNC Stock Rates

Firstly, macroeconomic volatility, including rising inflation and potential interest rate hikes, plays a significant role in AGNC's financial performance. This uncertainty is likely to cause lumpy results until the macroeconomy stabilizes, significantly impacting AGNC's profitability and stock prices.

Secondly, AGNC’s net interest spread and leverage ratio are crucial indicators of its ability to remain profitable amidst macro headwinds. Analysts can assess these factors to gauge how well AGNC is navigating economic challenges, making them integral to stock price predictions.

Dividend payouts and ratio are another critical aspect as they attract and retain investors. The management's ability to sustain dividends and maintain a reasonable payout ratio can positively or negatively impact AGNC's stock prices. Any dividend cuts might lead to stock price declines, making this an essential consideration for analysts.

Additionally, analysts should consider market sentiment and investor perception. Positive sentiments fueled by improved economic returns and tangible book value can drive stock price appreciation, while negative perceptions can have the opposite effect.

  • Macroeconomic Volatility
  • Net Interest Spread and Leverage Ratio
  • Dividend Payouts and Ratio
  • Market Sentiment and Investor Perception
  • Share Dilution and Tangible Net Book Value

By staying updated on these factors and understanding their interrelations, analysts can make more accurate predictions for AGNC stock price changes. Monitoring AGNC’s tangible net book value and the extent of share dilution can further refine these forecasts, providing a comprehensive view of the investment landscape.

In conclusion, while forecasting AGNC stock prices involves navigating inherent risks, a detailed understanding of these key factors can greatly enhance the accuracy of an analyst’s predictions.

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Fed's Moves & AGNC's Strategic Plays: A Forecast Glimpse into AGNC Investment Stock

Trend: Bullish
Jul 10, 2024

In the swirling world of investment opportunities, AGNC Investment Corp. stands out, especially when considering the anticipated shifts in stock price caused by significant events and economic indicators shortlisted for the near horizon. Key among these are the Federal Reserve's actions and AGBC's forthcoming Q2 earnings call, both wielding considerable influence on the investment scene.

Fed's Role and AGNC's Earnings Pulse: The Double-Edged Sword

The Federal Reserve's anticipated interest rate cuts, hinted at during recent testimonies, have already sent waves through the market, positioning AGNC in a favorable light. As a mortgage REIT, AGNC's operational dynamics—borrowing costs, net spread, and dollar roll income—are heavily influenced by rate adjustments, making the Fed's moves a beacon for analysts aiming to predict future stock directions. The crux of forging accurate forecasts lies in understanding the intricate balance between reducing borrowing costs and effectively managing the spread and dollar roll income in a landscape primed for change.

Simultaneously, AGNC's Q2 earnings call surfaces as a pivotal moment for the company. Convincing maneuvers and adjustments in hedging strategies and risk management as responses to rate cuts are essential. These strategic decisions are fundamental not only for mitigating execution risks but also for reaffirming the trust of income investors looking for stability amidst fluctuations. An insightful analysis of this earnings call provides the necessary fodder for analysts to tailor their AGNC stock price prediction, making it a critical tool for both forecasting and in deciding whether AGNC stock is a buy or sell proposition.

In sum, the intertwined effects of Federal Reserve policies and AGNC's adept adjustments during its earnings call are central to any AGNC stock forecast. Highlighting the company's ability to navigate choppy waters places AGNC Investment stock forecasts at the cusp of optimistic valuation, answering the pressing 'buy or sell' conundrum faced by investors.

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Navigating the Changing Tides: Predicting AGNC Investment Corp's Stock Journey

Trend: Neutral
Jun 07, 2024

For those keenly eyeing the AGNC stock forecast, a couple of pivotal developments loom on the horizon, promising to significantly shape its trajectory. Chief among the influencers are interest rate movements, notorious for their direct impact on AGNC's net interest income and, by extension, its stock price. As rates rise, spreads tighten, nudging AGNC stock towards precarious terrains, while a dip tends to paint a rosier picture. Analysts, therefore, closely monitor Federal Reserve actions and economic indicators to gauge future shifts.

Deciphering AGNC's Stock Price Predictions

The prickly thorn of margin calls and forced asset sales also lingers, potentially pushing the stock into a whirlpool during market downturns. Hence, keeping an eye on AGNC's leverage and market conditions becomes essential for making astute predictions. Furthermore, dividends, the lifeblood of income-focused investors, serve as a critical barometer. Any hint of a dividend cut could send investors scurrying, impacting the AGNC stock buy or sell sentiment. Lastly, AGNC's book value per share offers a lens into its intrinsic value — shifts here ripple through investor confidence and stock price alike.

In the complex equation of AGNC stock price prediction, these components interlink to form a predictive mosaic. Analysts comb through interest rate trends, navigate the murky waters of margin requirements, and analyze dividend announcements and book value shifts. Each element, from AGNC Investment stock forecast considerations to scrutinizing the AGNC stock price target, plays a pivotal role. By synthesizing these variables, one can approach the quagmire of whether is AGNC a good stock to buy, or if a bearish future awaits, with a degree of enlightened foresight.

  • Interest Rate Movements
  • Margin Calls and Forced Asset Sales
  • Dividend Cuts
  • Book Value Per Share

Drenched in the complexities of financial forecasting, AGNC invites a discerning look from those curious about its future. Will it sail smoothly or face stormy weather? A diligent, well-informed analysis holds the key.

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AGNC Investment Corp. (“AGNC”) is an internally managed investment trust (REIT). The Company invests primarily in mortgage-backed agency securities (“MBS agency”) on a leveraged basis, financed primarily by secured loans structured as repurchase agreements. The main investment objective is to provide its shareholders with attractive risk-adjusted returns through a combination of monthly dividends and an increase in net worth. The Company earns income from interest earned on its investment assets less associated borrowing and hedging costs and net realized gains and losses on its investments and hedging transactions. AGNC employs a proactive portfolio management philosophy to maintain net worth across a wide range of market scenarios. The company was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland.

AGNC Investment daily forecast for a month

Date Target Pes. Opt. Vol., %
Jul 25 10.32 10.29 10.39 1.00
Jul 26 10.35 10.31 10.40 0.84
Jul 27 10.39 10.33 10.47 1.30
Jul 28 10.35 10.30 10.37 0.73
Jul 29 10.30 10.23 10.37 1.41
Jul 30 10.31 10.28 10.39 1.01
Jul 31 10.32 10.27 10.39 1.10
Aug 01 10.34 10.32 10.42 0.96
Aug 02 10.27 10.19 10.30 1.10
Aug 03 10.27 10.23 10.34 1.08
Aug 04 10.17 10.15 10.20 0.44
Aug 05 10.20 10.13 10.25 1.15
Aug 06 10.26 10.23 10.33 0.93
Aug 07 10.32 10.25 10.39 1.37
Aug 08 10.36 10.32 10.41 0.90
Aug 09 10.33 10.25 10.38 1.27
Aug 10 10.41 10.34 10.48 1.31
Aug 11 10.49 10.41 10.54 1.26
Aug 12 10.50 10.46 10.55 0.83
Aug 13 10.44 10.38 10.52 1.34
Aug 14 10.49 10.45 10.53 0.76
Aug 15 10.53 10.46 10.55 0.87
Aug 16 10.62 10.57 10.65 0.74
Aug 17 10.57 10.49 10.62 1.26
Aug 18 10.54 10.49 10.60 1.02
Aug 19 10.55 10.52 10.63 1.10
Aug 20 10.47 10.42 10.55 1.23
Aug 21 10.39 10.36 10.42 0.61
Aug 22 10.35 10.27 10.42 1.45
Aug 23 10.30 10.25 10.35 0.97

AGNC Investment Daily Price Targets

AGNC Investment Stock Forecast 07-25-2024.

Forecast target price for 07-25-2024: $10.32.
Positive dynamics for AGNC Investment shares will prevail with possible volatility of 0.993%.
Pessimistic target level: 10.29
Optimistic target level: 10.39

AGNC Investment Stock Forecast 07-26-2024.

Forecast target price for 07-26-2024: $10.35.
Positive dynamics for AGNC Investment shares will prevail with possible volatility of 0.836%.
Pessimistic target level: 10.31
Optimistic target level: 10.40

AGNC Investment Stock Forecast 07-27-2024.

Forecast target price for 07-27-2024: $10.39.
Positive dynamics for AGNC Investment shares will prevail with possible volatility of 1.280%.
Pessimistic target level: 10.33
Optimistic target level: 10.47

AGNC Investment Stock Forecast 07-28-2024.

Forecast target price for 07-28-2024: $10.35.
Negative dynamics for AGNC Investment shares will prevail with possible volatility of 0.728%.
Pessimistic target level: 10.30
Optimistic target level: 10.37

AGNC Investment Stock Forecast 07-29-2024.

Forecast target price for 07-29-2024: $10.30.
Negative dynamics for AGNC Investment shares will prevail with possible volatility of 1.389%.
Pessimistic target level: 10.23
Optimistic target level: 10.37

AGNC Investment Stock Forecast 07-30-2024.

Forecast target price for 07-30-2024: $10.31.
Positive dynamics for AGNC Investment shares will prevail with possible volatility of 1.003%.
Pessimistic target level: 10.28
Optimistic target level: 10.39

AGNC (AGNC) Monthly Stock Prediction for 2024

Month Target Pes. Opt. Vol., %
Aug. 10.29 10.01 10.57 5.37
Sep. 10.88 10.60 11.46 7.52
Oct. 11.10 10.64 11.71 9.10
Nov. 10.56 10.37 11.21 7.54
Dec. 10.20 9.92 10.56 6.03

AGNC Investment forecast for this year

AGNC Investment Stock Prediction for Aug 2024

An downtrend is forecast for this month with an optimal target price of $10.2854. Pessimistic: $10.01. Optimistic: $10.57

AGNC Investment Stock Prediction for Sep 2024

An uptrend is forecast for this month with an optimal target price of $10.8778. Pessimistic: $10.60. Optimistic: $11.46

AGNC Investment Stock Prediction for Oct 2024

An uptrend is forecast for this month with an optimal target price of $11.0954. Pessimistic: $10.64. Optimistic: $11.71

AGNC Investment Stock Prediction for Nov 2024

An downtrend is forecast for this month with an optimal target price of $10.5628. Pessimistic: $10.37. Optimistic: $11.21

AGNC Investment Stock Prediction for Dec 2024

An downtrend is forecast for this month with an optimal target price of $10.1995. Pessimistic: $9.92. Optimistic: $10.56

AGNC Investment (AGNC) Monthly Stock Prediction for 2025

Month Target Pes. Opt. Vol., %
Jan 10.80 10.33 11.16 7.43
Feb 11.02 10.65 11.59 8.14
Mar 10.75 10.39 11.38 8.69
Apr 10.42 9.99 10.65 6.26
May 10.34 10.10 10.56 4.31
Jun 10.13 9.48 10.58 10.41
Jul 10.15 9.65 10.47 7.83
Aug 9.93 9.72 10.27 5.34
Sep 10.36 9.71 10.66 8.94
Oct 11.03 10.53 11.27 6.50
Nov 11.79 11.53 12.50 7.77
Dec 11.97 11.71 12.44 5.93

AGNC Investment (AGNC) Monthly Stock Prediction for 2026

Month Target Pes. Opt. Vol., %
Jan 12.35 11.68 12.71 8.16
Feb 13.03 12.24 13.35 8.35
Mar 12.24 11.77 12.65 6.97
Apr 11.60 11.30 11.89 4.92
May 11.99 11.76 12.35 4.74
Jun 11.94 11.46 12.48 8.19
Jul 12.60 12.26 13.35 8.16
Aug 12.51 12.11 13.07 7.35
Sep 12.56 11.78 13.26 11.21
Oct 12.78 12.53 13.29 5.77
Nov 12.45 11.89 13.07 9.07
Dec 12.94 12.29 13.54 9.25

AGNC Investment (AGNC) Monthly Stock Prediction for 2027

Month Target Pes. Opt. Vol., %
Jan 12.91 12.42 13.71 9.42
Feb 13.27 12.99 14.03 7.42
Mar 13.70 13.20 14.56 9.33
Apr 13.77 13.48 14.55 7.35
May 14.82 14.43 15.58 7.38
Jun 14.80 14.28 15.47 7.73
Jul 15.93 15.67 16.79 6.68
Aug 16.48 15.81 16.80 5.89
Sep 16.67 15.72 17.71 11.22
Oct 16.89 16.62 17.33 4.06
Nov 17.15 16.75 17.66 5.13
Dec 17.45 16.78 18.53 9.42

AGNC Investment (AGNC) Monthly Stock Prediction for 2028

Month Target Pes. Opt. Vol., %
Jan 17.97 17.48 18.86 7.32
Feb 17.37 16.91 18.25 7.38
Mar 17.13 16.27 18.02 9.73
Apr 18.44 17.85 19.57 8.75
May 19.36 18.69 20.03 6.65
Jun 20.13 18.94 20.73 8.62
Jul 21.23 20.62 21.98 6.18
Aug 22.60 21.54 23.38 7.89
Sep 22.55 21.77 23.85 8.70
Oct 23.58 22.20 24.77 10.36
Nov 23.33 22.16 24.47 9.46
Dec 24.17 23.50 25.24 6.90

AGNC Investment information and performance

AGNC Investment Address


Market Capitalization: 7 429 215 000 $

Market capitalization of the AGNC Investment Corp. is the total market value of all issued shares of a company. It is calculated by the formula multiplying the number of AGNC shares in the company outstanding by the market price of one share.


EBITDA of AGNC Investment is earnings before interest, income tax and depreciation of assets.

PE Ratio: 10.76

P/E ratio (price to earnings) - shows the ratio between the price of a share and the company's profit

PEG Ratio: 17.55

Price/earnings to growth

DPS: 1.44

Dividend Per Share is a financial indicator equal to the ratio of the company's net profit available for distribution to the annual average of ordinary shares.

DY: 0.141

Dividend yield is a ratio that shows how much a company pays in dividends each year at the stock price.

EPS: 0.95

EPS shows how much of the net profit is accounted for by the common share.

Quarterly Earnings Growth YOY: -0.398
Quarterly Revenue Growth YOY: -0.235
Trailing PE: 10.76

Trailing P/E depends on what has already been done. It uses the current share price and divides it by the total earnings per share for the last 12 months.

Forward PE: 4.29

Forward P/E uses projections of future earnings instead of final numbers.

EV To Revenue: -

Enterprise Value (EV) /Revenue


The EV / EBITDA ratio shows the ratio of the cost (EV) to its profit before tax, interest and amortization (EBITDA).

Shares Outstanding: 726929000

Number of issued ordinary shares

Shares Float: N/A

Number of freely tradable shares

Shares Short Prior Month: N/A

Shares Short Prior Month - the number of shares in short positions in the last month.

Short Ratio: N/A
Percent Insiders: N/A
Percent Institutions: N/A

AGNC Investment (AGNC) stock dividend

AGNC Investment last paid dividends on 07/31/2024. The next scheduled payment will be on 08/09/2024. The amount of dividends is $1.44 per share. If the date of the next dividend payment has not been updated, it means that the issuer has not yet announced the exact payment. As soon as information becomes available, we will immediately update the data. Bookmark our portal to stay updated.

Last Split Factor:

Last Split Date: 01/01/1970

Splitting of shares is an increase in the number of securities of the issuing company circulating on the market due to a decrease in their value at constant capitalization.

For example, a 5: 1 ratio means that the value of one share will decrease 5 times, the total amount will increase 5 times. It is important to understand that this procedure does not change the capitalization of the company, as well as the total value of assets held in private hands.

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