Tesla Stock Buy or Sell? TSLA Stocks Forecast

Market Capitalization: 606 906 024 000 $
EBITDA: 17 439 001 000 $
Price to Earnings: 53.13
Quarterly Earnings Growth YOY: 0.569
Quarterly Revenue Growth YOY: 0.372
Trailing PE: 53.13
Forward PE: 28.82
Shares Outstanding: 3164100000

Tesla Stock Buy or Sell? TSLA Stocks Analytic Forecasts

April 1, 2023 (05:23)

Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) Sector: Consumer cyclical

We present you the most up-to-date and complete review of analytical trend forecasts and views on the TSLA stock market. Experts share their opinions on what to expect from the Tesla, Inc. stock market. How likely is the stock price to move in a bullish or bearish trend. Which should help you to make the right decision whether to Buy or Sell Tesla stocks.

Tesla, Inc. Stock Market Experts’ Analysis and Forecasting – Sell or Buy TSLA Shares?

The most recent analytical view which can help you to answer the worrying question: Should I Buy Stocks Now or Wait? came out under the authorship of Robert Honeywill and is titled

“Tesla’s Elon Musk, Modern-Day Henry Ford With A Twist?”

is published on March 30 (2023) and has 4 likes. The review predicts Bullish market trend.

It summarize the following theses:

  • What is it about Tesla, Inc. (Elon Musk) that keeps surprising us all.
  • “Disruptive Innovation” would be an improper use of that term. “Altruistic Innovation” might be appropriate but true altruism is likely unachievable for any human being.
  • The latest surprise is announcement at the Tesla investor day of elimination of rare earths from next generation motors – it’s a big deal with a “Pro-social” objective.
  • In this article, I explore a fascinating concept – the primary reason for the existence of Tesla and other Musk businesses is achieving “Pro-social” objectives using new and innovative approaches.

The author starts his analytic review with the following:

Tesla: Investment Thesis At the time of my only previous article on Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) back on Jun. 9, 2020, the share price was $62.67 and I gave the stock a Buy rating. The article was titled, “Tesla: Fabulous Returns And Growing Balance Sheet Strength,” and my summary points were:

The opinion of the author can be considered quite authoritative.
The number of 7941 followers confirms this.
Robert Honeywill is the contributor of experts community
since 2013 and has 490 works published.

One more noteworthy article is written by Anna Sokolidou under the title

“Tesla Stock – I Have Warned You”

on March 28 (2023) and has 27 likes. The expert reflects Bearish trend of the market.

Нis theses make you think about whether to add TSLA stocks to your investment portfolio or not, and helps to work out your own Tesla stock selling strategies:

  • Tesla, Inc.’s prices for the most expensive models have been reduced.
  • This is obviously a problem for the EV maker’s profit margins.
  • A recession is near, and the EV market is not going through its best days.
  • Tesla stock is ridiculously overvalued.
  • I would not recommend to short sell Tesla stock, either.

Anna Sokolidou starts analysis with such words:

Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) stock has gained since my last article. Yet, the recent banking crisis and, most importantly, the fact the company was forced to decrease its Model S and Model X prices make me somewhat concerned. I mentioned in my previous article that as a popular stock, Tesla might well rise in value. However, the fundamentals were not there and are even worse now. But let me explain this later on.

Anna Sokolidou has already 2117 followers, which shows, he is the one who cares for his words.
The contributor of experts community since 2020. Has published at least 103 articles.

Another analysis presented by Cavenagh Research came out on March 27 (2023). Obviously, coupled with the newer reviews, this forecasting could be useful to find out the best trading strategy for TSLA stocks. It sounds like

“Tesla: Price Cuts Are A Clear Signal Of Leadership, Not Competition”

Article has got 8 likes at the moment and forecasting Bullish trend of the market.

Summarizing the information presented in the review concerning the Tesla, Inc., the expert says the following:

  • I argue investors likely misinterpret Tesla management’s rationale behind cutting prices.
  • Tesla’s aggressive price cuts are likely not a reflection of a short-term tactical response to increased competition . . .
  • . . . but rather a signal of the EV maker’s long-term strategic to capture a 20 million EVs per year SAM by 2030, which requires price affordability.
  • Tesla’s price-cuts are supported by cost-leadership — anchored industrial scale and sophistication in producing EVs.
  • On the backdrop of the assumption that selling 20 million EVs by 2030 is reasonable, I value Tesla shares at a $310.61 target price.

And here, what comes first:

Earlier this year, Tesla’s (NASDAQ:TSLA) decision to cut prices for the Model 3 and Y caused TSLA stock to fall sharply — with Tesla shares intermittently trading down to nearly $100/share. Now, although Tesla’s stock has somewhat recovered, the EV maker’s valuation is still about 55% below ATH, as concerns about competition/ price-cuts continue to pressure investor sentiment.

The opinion of the author can be considered quite authoritative.
The number of 4376 followers confirms this.
Cavenagh Research is the contributor of experts community since 2022. Has already 366 analytic reviews published.

The Share Price of Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) for now

What analysts predict: $196.3
52-week high/low: $384.29 / $101.81

50/200 Day Moving Average: $181.99 / $216.44

The average stock price over the previous 50/200 days. For Tesla stocks, the 50-day moving average is the resistance level for now. For TSLA stocks, the 200-day moving average is the resistance level today.

See the Detailed Predictions for TSLA stock with charts and tables

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