UnitedHealth Stock Buy or Sell? UNH Stocks Forecast

Market Capitalization: 447 318 852 000 $
EBITDA: 30 834 999 000 $
Price to Earnings: 22.53
Quarterly Earnings Growth YOY: 0.179
Quarterly Revenue Growth YOY: 0.123
Trailing PE: 22.53
Forward PE: 21.6
Shares Outstanding: 932847000

UnitedHealth Stock Buy or Sell? UNH Stocks Analytic Forecasts

March 24, 2023 (05:30)

UnitedHealth Group, Inc. (UNH) Sector: Healthcare

We present you the most up-to-date and complete review of analytical trend forecasts and views on the UNH stock market. Experts share their opinions on what to expect from the UnitedHealth Group, Inc. stock market. How likely is the stock price to move in a bullish or bearish trend. Which should help you to make the right decision whether to Buy or Sell UnitedHealth stocks.

UnitedHealth Group, Inc. Stock Market Experts’ Analysis and Forecasting – Sell or Buy UNH Shares?

The most recent analytical view which can help you to answer the worrying question: Should I Buy Stocks Now or Wait? came out under the authorship of George Fisher and is titled

“UnitedHealth: Buy – May Not Be A SWAN, But It’s A SUN For Me”

is published on March 16 (2023) and has 8 likes. The review predicts Bullish market trend.

It summarize the following theses:

  • UnitedHealth has become a leader in creating a profitable business model to help bend the healthcare cost curve, and its business model is being adapted by its peers.
  • UnitedHealth is a 4 for 1 winner, combining a preeminent health insurance company, a pharmacy benefits manager PBM, a provider of health services, and a health analytics franchise.
  • The stock petered out in 2022 at $550. The latest retreat from this resistance has brought share prices down to $466, a 15% decline.

The author starts his analytic review with the following:

There is an acronym in investing that gets a lot of attention, especially during times of financial stress and bear markets: SWAN or Sleep Well At Night. The acronym is hung on investment choices which are “safe” enough to supposedly allow investors to sleep well at night vs an alternative of tossing and turning between the sheets, worrying if specific investment selections will survive. The SWAN mentality rivals the “set it and forget it” crowd of the 1980s. To me, having a SWAN implies falling into a REM-like comatose state, not to be awakened until the dog barks next door at 5:00 am. However, I believe the popularity of this acronym does a bit of disservice to investors as equity portfolio investments should not be left untouched and unreviewed by comatose shareholders. I prefer the acronym SUN or Snooze Undisturbed Nightly. UnitedHealth (NYSE:UNH) is a core SUN holding, anchoring my health care sector investments.

The opinion of the author can be considered quite authoritative.
The number of 5474 followers confirms this.
George Fisher is the contributor of experts community
since 2012 and has 546 works published.

One more noteworthy article is written by Yuval Rotem under the title

“UnitedHealth Group: The Market Is Underpricing This Unique Health Care Operator”

on February 27 (2023) and has 5 likes. The expert reflects Strong Bullish trend of the market.

Нis theses make you think about whether to add UNH stocks to your investment portfolio or not, and helps to work out your own UnitedHealth stock selling strategies:

  • UnitedHealth Group is trading below its 5-Yr average P/E ratio. The stock went down along its healthcare services peers, but UNH is not like any other health provider.
  • The company’s Optum businesses provide synergies and profitability its competitors can only dream of.
  • The Optum Insight health-tech business surpassed $30B backlog and promises resiliency in the company’s industry-leading margins.
  • Not many companies this large can confidently guide 13%-16% EPS CAGR well into the future.
  • I find the fair value of the stock to be at $664, a rare 37.0% upside for a blue chip company like UNH.

Yuval Rotem starts analysis with such words:

UnitedHealth Group (NYSE:UNH) is the biggest health care company in the world in terms of market cap and revenues. Its main business is its health care insurance segment in UnitedHealthcare, but its Optum segment, which provides care delivery, pharmacy services and health-tech solutions such as analytics, payments, clinic & hospital management platforms and more, is the major value creator for the company. The company’s shares have declined along with the rest of its health care peers and underperformed the market in 2023. The decline resulted in a rare opportunity to buy UNH at a P/E ratio of 19.43 on its projected 2023 earnings, which is well below the company’s 5-Yr average P/E ratio of 22.3. I find the stock to be fairly valued at $664, based on a DCF model and a multiple analysis. Therefore, I believe UNH is a Strong Buy.

The expert’s Followers level is low yet – less 100, but that will probably change soon.

Yuval Rotem is the contributor of experts community since 2023

Another analysis presented by Pearl Gray Equity and Research came out on February 20 (2023). Obviously, coupled with the newer reviews, this forecasting could be useful to find out the best trading strategy for UNH stocks. It sounds like

“UnitedHealth: Take Advantage Of Its Stock’s Recent Drawdown”

Article has got 9 likes at the moment and forecasting Strong Bullish trend of the market.

Summarizing the information presented in the review concerning the UnitedHealth Group, Inc., the expert says the following:

  • UnitedHealth Group’s recent drawdown presents a lucrative investment opportunity to value-seeking investors.
  • The stock’s year-to-date slump is likely due to the financial markets’ recent risk-on appetite and the anticipation that insurance premiums could suffer from softer pricing in 2023.
  • However, we think the stock market will level out in the coming months, subsequently providing support to lower beta securities such as UnitedHealth.
  • Furthermore, UnitedHealth’s substantial market share means it is less susceptible to lower implied insurance prices. Moreover, investors need to remember that the company’s claims aren’t lumpy as it focuses on long-term solutions.
  • Yes, UnitedHealth’s stock price multiples aren’t overly attractive. However, its countercyclical nature could phase out valuation-based risks. In fact, we believe the stock’s realized total returns could sustain into perpetuity.

And here, what comes first:

Despite a recent financial market recovery and a comprehensive earnings beat, UnitedHealth Group Incorporated’s (NYSE:UNH) stock finds itself lingering among the year-to-date losers. In our opinion, the market’s low-beta attitude, coupled with the unwanted prospect of softer life & health insurance pricing, has discouraged UnitedHealth’s investor base. However, we believe investors have overreacted and underestimated UnitedHealth’s near-term potential. Therefore, we decided to do a write-up on the company and its stock’s critical variables to present our readers with a potential ‘arbitrage’ opportunity.

Pearl Gray Equity and Research has already 2629 followers, which shows, he is the one who cares for his words.
The contributor of experts community since 2021. Has already 211 analytic reviews published.

The Share Price of UnitedHealth Group, Inc. (UNH) for now

What analysts predict: $597.74
52-week high/low: $554.41 / $434.96

50/200 Day Moving Average: $482.82 / $512.12

The average stock price over the previous 50/200 days. For UnitedHealth stocks, the 50-day moving average is the resistance level for now. For UNH stocks, the 200-day moving average is the resistance level today.

See the Detailed Predictions for UNH stock with charts and tables

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