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A Stock Market Rally to Remember: Dow Jones Soars, Jobs Report Shatters Expectations

June 3, 2023

Strong End to a Short Week

The holiday week brought an impressive finale to the stock market as the Dow Jones average soared to an unprecedented 700 points gain – marking its highest surge of the year. The week was uplifted by an outpouring of investor enthusiasm, triggered by a critical debt ceiling bill. This legislation successfully circumvented a potential U.S. default, bringing relief and sparking renewed confidence in the market.

Unanticipated Jobs Growth Fuels Investor Optimism

In a surprising turn of events, May’s employment data added an unexpected boost to the robust market performance. The jobs report revealed that U.S. employers added a seasonally adjusted 339,000 jobs, significantly exceeding expert predictions. Additional data indicated a softening in the year-over-year average hourly earnings growth, coupled with a slight increase in the unemployment rate to 3.7% from 3.4%. These figures dampened recession concerns and pushed aside fears of an imminent rate hike – at least temporarily.

U.S. Treasury Yields Rise, NASDAQ Marks Sixth Consecutive Positive Week

As the market responded, U.S. Treasury yields also experienced a rise. The two-year note experienced an impressive surge, escalating 18 basis points to reach 4.51%, while the benchmark 10-year yield climbed 8 basis points to stand at 3.69%. Over the week, the NASDAQ reported a 2% gain, proudly marking the index’s sixth consecutive week of positive gains.

Week-Long Gains Across the Board, Technology Takes a Breather

The Dow mirrored the NASDAQ’s performance, also adding 2% over the week, while the S&P 500 saw an increase of 1.8%. Looking at the S&P 500 sectors, it was a green week across the board – all 11 sectors reported gains. The Consumer Discretionary and Real Estate sectors led the charge, each with a notable +3% leap. Technology, despite taking a pause after its recent massive surge, still managed to report gains exceeding 1%.

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