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A Bumpy Ride: The Stock Market Responds to June’s Disappointing Job Growth

July 9, 2023

In a turbulent trading session on Friday, the stock market ultimately closed with losses. This followed the digestion of the latest nonfarm payrolls report by investors, contrasting the unexpectedly robust private hiring data from the preceding day. According to the U.S. government, June saw a disappointing creation of merely 209,000 jobs, a figure substantially underperforming expectations and representing the smallest growth since the end of 2020.

Reading Between the Lines: The Federal Reserve’s Role and Market Speculation

Some market players interpreted this sluggish job growth as an indication of the Federal Reserve’s ongoing interest rate hikes finally making a dent in the labor market. However, other elements of the report, including wage gains surpassing forecasts, suggested that the Fed may yet have grounds to continue its rate increases later this month. Following this mixed bag of economic data, the equity market may be set for a pullback after the impressive gains achieved during June and the second quarter. Such a development could induce periods of volatility and consolidation, setting the stage for the upcoming earnings season.

Shifting Sands: Yield Movements, Market Indices, and a Glimpse into the Future

Friday’s yield movements mirrored the mixed sentiments, with the long-term 10-year yield ticking up by 2 basis points to 4.06%, while the more rate-sensitive 2-year yield dipped by 7 basis points to 4.94%. This volatile week also saw key market indices registering noticeable declines: The Dow Jones suffered its largest weekly drop since March, falling by 1.9%; the S&P 500 declined by 1.2%; and the Nasdaq Composite ended the week lower by 0.9%. As we move forward, for a glimpse of next week’s major financial events, consider browsing the preview in Seeking Alpha’s “Catalyst Watch” for an insightful overview of the potential market movers.

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