US Stocks Rally Amid Strong Job Growth and Slowing Wage Gains -

US Stocks Rally Amid Strong Job Growth and Slowing Wage Gains

October 7, 2023

Unexpected Market Rally Following Jobs Report

On Friday, the major stock indexes turned early deficits into an afternoon rally, spurred by the latest U.S. jobs report. The report highlighted a surprisingly strong labor market, despite wage growth seeming to slow down. The number of employers offering jobs in September increased to 336,000 – the largest surge since January. This significant jump from the revised figure of 227,000 jobs generated in the previous month suggests a vigorous labor market.

Market Reaction to the Jobs Report

The unveiling of the jobs report initially triggered a dip in stocks and bond prices. However, markets bounced back, largely due to mild growth in average hourly earnings. There is a chance that the quantity of created jobs could have been overstated due to seasonal adjustments. Regardless, U.S. Treasury yields decreased from their session highs but concluded the week with an upward trend.

Yield Movements and Forward-Looking Analysis

The yield for the benchmark 10-year note jumped up 20 basis points, concluding at 4.78%. Concurrently, the yield for the 30-year bond climbed up 24 basis points to end at 4.94% – its highest level since September 2007. The unexpected stock market rally on Friday ensured weekly gains for major indexes.

Key Market Indexes’ Performance

The S&P 500 managed to reverse a four-week downturn and ended up by 0.5%. The Dow Jones experienced a minor increase, rising slightly by 0.3%. Meanwhile, with considerable gains of 1.6%, Nasdaq Composite outperformed both indices. This emphatic market shift indicates a likely change in economic conditions—a development that investors and economists will be keeping close tabs on.

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