US Stocks Rally Slightly Amid Federal Reserve Anxiety and China's iPhone Ban -

US Stocks Rally Slightly Amid Federal Reserve Anxiety and China’s iPhone Ban

September 9, 2023

The U.S. stock market experienced a mild rebound on Friday, following a week marked by a decline fueled by concerns over the Federal Reserve’s potential shift towards a more hawkish stance. Despite the adverse impact on investor sentiment, the week’s closing somewhat mitigated this latest slump.

Performance of Key Indexes

The Nasdaq Composite, known for its heavy concentration of tech stocks, reported a “gain of 0.1%” on Friday. This positive movement is largely attributable to Apple’s (AAPL) efforts to recover from a sharp drop of over 6% during the preceding two days, a slide triggered by news of “China’s prohibition on iPhone usage within government agencies.” Meanwhile, the benchmark S&P 500 closed Friday’s trading with a 0.1% increase, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average, a blue-chip index, ended the day with a 0.2% uptick.

Weekly Overview and Market Close

Despite these modest increases, the weekly performance of these key indexes remained negative. The Dow fell by 0.8%, concluding trading at 34,577. The S&P 500 experienced a more substantial dip of 1.3%, wrapping up the week at 4,457. The Nasdaq Composite registered the greatest loss, down 1.9% to close trading at 13,761.

Looking Ahead: Impact of Oil Prices and Employment Data

Amidst the turbulent week, key developments on the global stage have captured investors’ attention. Recent spikes in oil prices have been driven by extended production cuts imposed by leading oil producers like Saudi Arabia and Russia. At the same time, labor market data continues to puzzle observers as “initial jobless claims have now decreased for four consecutive weeks.” Market participants are now eagerly anticipating next Wednesday’s consumer price index (CPI) report, expected to offer insights into the Fed’s upcoming decisions on monetary policy.

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