Investors Anticipate Economic Rebounds Amid Q3 Earnings Season -

Investors Anticipate Economic Rebounds Amid Q3 Earnings Season

October 15, 2023

Assessing Economic and Earnings Amidst Wartime Uncertainty

Next week, investors will have their eyes keenly set on current war-focused headlines to reassess their positions in light of the flood of economic and earnings updates expected. Forecasts indicate a gentle increase in the core rate for U.S. Retail sales this September compared to August figures. Similarly, industrial production and housing starts reports are projected to show steady month-over-month gains.

A Wait for An Upcoming Speech from the Federal Reserve Chairman

In the wake of these economic reports, all eyes are turned towards the awaited keynote speech by Federal Reserve Chairperson, Jerome Powell. The significance of this forthcoming address on October 19th is heightened as it comes before “the quickly arriving blackout period for Federal Reserve speakers,” ahead of the next FOMC meeting.

Third Quarter Earnings Season: A Close Look

We also anticipate an intensifying focus on the third quarter earnings season next week, kick-started by leading electric vehicle giant, Tesla (TSLA). Additionally, there are high expectations from other major players poised to announce their earnings. These include titans such as Procter & Gamble (PG), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), AT&T (T), Netflix (NFLX), Bank of America (BAC) and Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM). Their financial results are keenly awaited due to their potential to create significant market tremors within their corresponding sectors.

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