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I am an opportunistic and disciplined value-investor who has been investing since 2005. I typically follow Rule 1 investing but I am willing to take on calculated risks. I primary start with quantitative analysis, using financial data to inform me of a company’s financial health, followed by qualitative analysis to paint a holistic picture of a company’s prospects.

I appreciate everyone who reads my research and especially those who follow me. If you would like to engage in further discussions, you can either message me directly in SA, or find me on Discord. I am in a discord group led by Motley Fool writer Mr. Eric Cuka.

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3M Company: Unending Woes Or Buying Opportunity?

3M Company: Unending Woes Or Buying Opportunity?
August 30, 2022

Summary 3M Company is currently facing litigations that could potentially bankrupt the company. This article lays out separate theses for selling the stock, holding it, or buying more. Based on … Read more