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Kennan is a software engineer who has worked at companies of all sizes, from as large as Google to as small as a single person. He’s received job offers from all of the famous FAMG companies, and graduated cum laude from the Paul Allen School of Computer Science at the University of Washington. Although not an investor by training, he enjoys applying his technical knowledge to analyze high tech companies and find investment opportunities for a long term time horizon.

Kennan runs Tech Investing Edge, a Marketplace service on Seeking Alpha. The service shares research on growth stocks in high tech industries like SaaS and cryptocurrency, combining qualitative and quantitative research with a focus on timely events and opportunities. Subscribers are able to ask questions in a chat room and request research about topics they’re interested in.

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Is Tesla’s Stock Split Good For Investors?

Is Tesla’s Stock Split Good For Investors?
August 24, 2022

Summary I answer some of the most common questions from investors about stock splits. Stock splits don’t matter nearly as much as fundamentals, but they’re certainly not bad for investors. … Read more